Extrajudicial murder of a Baloch student in Turbat by Pakistan – Strong protest raised by The Free Balochistan Movement

Balochistan is Crying for World Help
Balochistan is Crying for World Help

QUETTA: The Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) in a statement to media strongly condemned the extrajudicial murder of a Baloch student in Turbat, Pakistani forces offensives in New Kahaan Quetta and ‘attack’ on the house of Mama Qadeer Baloch – Vice President of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons.

The FBM spokesperson said that the Pakistani army and intelligence agencies conducted an offensive in the New Kahaan area of Quetta – the capital of Balochistan on the night of August 14 and abducted at least ten people. The Pakistani forces harassed and terrorized women and children during the offensive.  

The abductees included Lal Khan son of Khuda Rahm, Lal Dad son of Khuda Rahm, Rahim Khan son of Shah Baig, Shah Bakhsh, Allah Bakhsh, Vishal, Muhammad Mir Ajab Khan, Kamal Khan, and Omid Ali.

The FBM spokesman further said that Pakistan’s paramilitary force FC arrested Mohammad Hayat Baloch from his date farm while he was helping his father in farm work on Thursday. 

He was dragged on the road with his hands and feet tied. “The savage FC personnel then pushed him to the ground making him fall on his stomach facing down. His hands and feet were tied, face covered with a cloth as the FC men sprayed him with nine bullets killing him on spot.”  

FBM in its statement said that during all the time from his arrest in farm to the road, his father continued to protest that his son was innocent and he begged the FC officials not to shoot him but the unruly Pakistani forces ignored his plea and killed his son in cold blood.
The youth was a student of BS Physiology final year at the University of Karachi who had come home in Turbat after the University was closed down due Coronavirus.  

The FBM spokesperson also condemned the attack by Sindh Rangers and other Pakistani forces on a peaceful protest by relatives of Sindhi Missing Persons and manhandling of Hani Gull Baloch the fiancé of abducted Naseem Baloch, Soni Joyo the wife of abducted Sarang Joyo, Sassi Lohar, Surat Latif and other relatives of missing persons from Sindh.

The FBM spokesperson said that the attack on the house of Mama Qadeer Baloch, Vice President of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, exposes the frustration and fear forces of the occupying state – Pakistan.  “we strongly condemn such harassment and intimidation of political and human rights activists,” the statement added.

The so-called Pakistani court and media in Balochistan have kept a criminal silence by completely covering up the atrocities of the Pakistani army. In such a situation, only international human rights organizations and international media outlets can help the Baloch nation to get justice and their voice to be heard.

The FBM spokesman appealed to the international community and the civilized nations to take notice of state brutalities against Baloch people, saying that, “severe human rights violations were taking place in Occupied Balochistan because of the violent and unlawful acts of the Pakistani army and ISI.”

FBM spokesperson warned that such atrocities will continue as long as the international community, Intl Human Rights organization, and regional powers remain silent on state brutalities against Baloch people.

Editor note: Lawlessness is a standard fate for Baloch people? Will the world be a silent spectator of another holocaust? We feel humanity must stand by Balochistan irrespective of political views. Human suffering of this magnitude has been seen earlier in Bangladesh during the freedom fight. The world must act before it goes out of hand for the world.