Hyrbyair Marri President of Free Balochistan Movement said that Saudi Arab threw out Pakistani General Bajwa

Hyrbyai Marri President Free Balochistan Movement
Hyrbyai Marri President Free Balochistan Movement

Baloch leader and president of Free Balochistan Movement Hyrbyair Marri in his twitter thread said that Saudi Arab threw out Pakistani General Bajwa

” The “mighty” General Bajwa has returned empty-handed and shamefaced from #SaudiArabia. Infuriated Saudis have asked #Pakistan to immediately return the 3 billion dollars loan which It took in 2019 after Pakistani FM #Shahmamood threatened #ksa of splitting #OIC into two, Whereas in #Balochistan these crooked Pakistani Punjabi Generals have stolen 100’S of billions of dollars worth of natural resources, and on top of that myriad #baloch have been murdered and have disappeared, whole villages have been razed to the ground. Now, it would be interesting to see the chest-thumping Muslim Punjabi Army who has been shown their place by the #Saudis, are they going to behave the same way with the Saudis?

As they behave with the #Baloch, #Pashtoon, and the #Sindhis.Threats of total annihilation.” To follow Baloch leader for further policy bases statement on global scenario please follow him on twitter.

Balochistan is suffering more than 70+ years now after occupied by Pakistan against the will of the Baloch. Killing of teachers and pro independence patriots are getting killed. CCTV Camera kept in the ladies toilet, many more allegation raised by people of Balochistan against the occupying forces of Pakistan.

Humanity is suffering and world is just watching keeping their silence. A holocaust in 2020 still on at this part of the world. Yesterday only USA and EU raised their voice against such regime in past else where in the world. Why we can not restore education,food ,health service for the poor and kids of this region. Political conflicts can not be a justification for anti humanity activities any where in the world.