The Free Balochistan Movement held a protest demonstration outside the official residence of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Hyrbyai Marri President Free Balochistan Movement
Hyrbyai Marri President Free Balochistan Movement

30 August International Day in support of the Disappeared:

Free Balochistan Movement protest in London


The Free Balochistan Movement held a protest demonstration outside the official residence of Prime Minister Boris Johnson to mark the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances.

Several Baloch and other human rights activists have joined the protest from different cities of the UK and expressed their support for the families of enforced disappeared people in Balochistan.

Protesters carrying banners, placards, and flags of Balochistan chanted slogans against Pakistani state’s atrocities against Baloch people. They demanded the immediate release of previously abducted Baloch and stopping of further enforced disappearances. speakers urged the international community including the UK to stop supporting Pakistan as their support is strengthening Pakistan to commit more crimes against humanity.

They said that thousands of innocent Baloch have been arrested and disappeared by Pakistani forces and many of them have been killed in custody. Activists also strongly condemned the recent murder of Hayat Baloch in Turbat Balochistan who was shot dead by FC in front of his parents.

Editorial View: Balochistn Freedom movement is a peaceful way to make the world know the suffering of the people and the definite genocide they are facing by the occupied forces. No other place in the world has suffered for so long and brutality bypassing any previous instances in the world.

Blochistan and her subjects are looking with hope for their future with Super Power(?) and international bodies to interfere and help them to achieve the freedom they have lost to the Pakistani and Iranian occupiers.

A land of many possibilities for the world to prosper is waiting for all to support them before the people gets extinct in the hands of brutal forces.

It’s high time world leaders must put pressure and resolve the human conflict in a peacefully.