Its India’s first digital dance concert live streamed directly from the space where performers dances (no pre recorded content)We have pledged to create new works every month to engage and motivate the dancers in creation and performance and at same time engage the community by staking and partici[pating in the process of ensuring sustenance of the art and artists by making the series a ticketed show…
Its started on 9th Aug 2020 as part of Sapphire’s 28 th anniversary and now will happen till march 2021 and in these 8 editions we create nearly 25 short works.

DanceVividMoving Online in Covid times13th Sept. 7pm IST, Live Streamed from TOPCATCCU
Edition 2
Sapphire in its 28th year in 2020 continues to inspire and lead the contemporary dance movement in Kolkata,  continuing to surpass the limits of the body and the imagination, motivating those who started to never give up dance. 
Circumstances have changed but dance hasn’t. We have danced on stage, danced on the streets, danced in cafes, bookstores, galleries, boardrooms. Now we will dance online. You will view us in a box. But in your mind’s imagination our energy and spirit will create a world of movement, beauty, creativity and meaning for you. We will pervade borders with dance be it physical or digital. We will DanceVivid. Vivid is vivacious, alive and pulsating. This is the new now. 

The pieces in Edition 2
DIRECTIONSPause. Move. Slow down. Like traffic lights at the signal our lives are at the mercy of pause and play buttons of disease, lockdowns and uncertainties. Three gusts of abstract pulsating energy transmit and translocate. They are gentle streams sometimes, gushing rivers at others. They dart around space, finding direction, travelling, transmitting, locomoting. They converge and diverge, at best they pulse. The hearts beat. Life continues. 
Movement & PerformancePromita Karta, Souvik Roy & Ujjayee Banerjee
As the darkness of an indeterminate future sets in. It is thick and dense engulfing thought and hope. What do we believe in, in these unreal times ! How should we wait for tomorrow! Who will lead us into a future that is kind and fulfilling. From ignorance to knowledge, from darkness to light, lead us kindly beacon of promise ! Inner light, the light of the spirit lead us ! 
Choreography and Performance: Bijoy Sharma

We read lips when we listen to someone speak. We watch as well as listen. We read body language, facial expression and spoken word together.  But our faces are masked now. Intentions too. Our lips do not move. Expressions remain hidden. The eyes twinkle in despair. Now it is left to the body to do the talking and hands to hold gestures and signs. Metaphors of context, meaning, possibility. We signal in little zoom windows muted by others, often we mute ourselves. Emoticons struggle to express tiny nuances in feeling and tone. What is language then ? How do we speak ! Watch hands do the talking ! 
Choreography and Performance by Sudarshan ChakravortyAnkita Duttagupta