Shawarma Nation New Outlet opened – The culinary practices of Lebanon are here

Shawarma Nation New Chinar park Outlet Opening
Shawarma Nation New Chinar park Outlet Opening

The culinary practices of Lebanon have now reached a worldwide mark, especially in Kolkata. Their food characterized by their use of spices, specially za’atar, olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice for seasoning, lamb, and seafood with an abundance of grains and veggies is what makes up their lip-smacking dishes and also not to forget their shawarmas as well, which has won everyone’s heart.

In this 21st century, health has become our main concern besides satiating our taste buds and it will feel like heaven if both are combined and served on our plate. Craving for a portion of healthy yet tasty food will be a dream come true for all the patrons of Kolkata because our all-time favorite Shawarma Nation is unfolding its wings of taste with the launch of its fifth outlet at Chinar Park, Kolkata.
What: Shawarma Nation New Outlet opened at Chinar park
Where: Atghara, J L 10, Ward 12, Bidhannagar- Rajarhat Municipal Corporation, Chinar Park, Kolkata    
Time: 12PM – 3AM
Price for 2: 750/- including taxes