Debasish Sen (IAS) Chairman of WBHIDCO, NKDA inaugurates Arvore

Debashis Sen Hidco Chairman inaugurated plantation drive by Kolkata society for cultural heritage- supported by I AM Kolkata from Merlin Group
Debashis Sen Hidco Chairman inaugurated plantation drive by Kolkata society for cultural heritage- supported by I AM Kolkata from Merlin Group

Kolkata Society For Cultural Heritage sets off the journey of “Arvori” , the Urban forest of  Memories
• Shri Debashis Sen (IAS) Chairman & Director of WBHIDCO, NKDA inaugurates Arvori
• I am Kolkata the CSR wing of Merlin group, Y-East and Artsforward pledged support to the project and have adopted saplings

Kolkata, 21st September 2020: In a humble effort of reducing the carbon footprints from the mother earth, Kolkata Society For Cultural Heritage, has inaugurated Arvori, an Urban forest of memories in Kolkata.  The project, located at Rajarhat Newtown Action Area IIE, aims at combating pollution levels on earth by enhancing green cover in urban areas. Kolkata Society For Cultural Heritage also has taken a commitment to motivate and mobilize urban citizens in creating green habitats and reducing their carbon footprints through the plantation.

WBHIDCO & NKDA, Govt of West Bengal granted one-acre land for the project to Kolkata Society for Cultural Heritage to develop the urban forest of memories.

At a formal function Shri Debashis Sen, IAS, Chairman, WBHIDCO, and NKDA have inaugurated the plantation drive in presence of CEO NKDA and Additional chief engineer WBHIDCO and  Sourav Mukherjee, founder president of Kolkata Society for Cultural Heritage.

Organizations like I Am Kolkata, a CSR wing from Merlin Group and, Y-East and Artsforward have pledged their support in setting up the greener earth here by adopting saplings.

While inaugurating the project and plantation drive at New town Rajarhat Action Area IIE in Eco Park, Shri Debashis Sen commented, “Shri Sourav Mukherjee, President, Kolkata Society for Cultural Heritage, said, “Kolkata Society for Cultural Heritage took an oath of transforming Earth to a greener and cleaner planet. With a commitment to reducing environmental footprints, we create a culture that fosters greener solutions for every aspect of our life.”

Mr. Saket Mohta, founder of I am Kolkata, CSR arm of Merlin Group and MD, Merlin Group said, ” We are committed to contributing to the formation of green cover with a view to reducing carbon footprints from our planet. Last year we contributed to such plantation initiatives in the Rajarhat area and with Kolkata corporation. We have also adopted mangrove plantations to protect the Sundarbans from future cyclones like Amphan”.

” We have planned to plant, nurture indigenous plants of different geographical areas in West Bengal and would create a replica of different floras of West Bengal at the site. We would also try to plant some medicinal plants that are grown in different districts of West Bengal,” reiterated Sourav Mukherjee.

About Arvori: Arvori is an Urban Forest of Memories that offers people extremely customized programs through the integration of technology with the environment. Through this project, KSCH  helps people to explore varied campaigns like CSR, marketing, go green, employee engagement, and several more by contributing people’s share towards Mother Nature. WBHIDCO & NKDA Govt of West Bengal granted 1Acre land for the project at Rajarhat Newtown Action Area IIE.