The pandemic has a potentially far-reaching impact on students as schools and institutes are shut all

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Books - Friend for Life

The pandemic has potentially far-reaching impact on students as schools and institutes are shut all

over the globe resulting in an abrupt interruption in education calendars. There is also the issue of students who are on the threshold of embarking into careers which have been interrupted due to the pandemic. The

role of emerging technologies has gained tremendous momentum across diverse sectors and education is no exception. The New Education Policy 2020 has taken a fresh look at education and drafted elaborately on multiskilling and upskilling a new generation of human resource.

The job scenario in India has been undergoing a rapid change in the last few decades. It is imperative that the adoption of emerging technologies like AI for the development of new-age skills as per the demands of the economy and industry is integrated into The webinar will look to deliberate on the need for imparting new skillsets to students embarking into the professional world and what are the new-age careers and how to get trained.

The panelists of the “Session on New Age Careers” share their perspectives on various aspects of AI and how it can be woven into the industry demands in a post COVID, technologically evolving world.

The panelists were :

Dr (Mrs) Pankaj Mittal, Secretary-General, Association of Indian Universities Prof Srabani Roychowdhury, Professor of International Relations, Jawaharlal Nehru University Anindya Datta, Founder & CEO, Mobilewalla Prof Padmanabhan Ramanujam, Chief Knowledge Officer, QS I-Gauge Rajit Bhattacharya, CEO, Data Sutram Ankit Chhaparia, Associate – Data & Corporate Practice, AQUILAW Dipankar Chakrabarti, Executive Director, Emerging Tech, X-LoS R&Q, Data Control Officer, PwC (Moderator)
Dr Saikat Maitra, VC, MAKAUT Sarajit Jha, Chief BTDS & CO, Tata Steel