The President held a meeting of the State Council Presidium

Vladimir Putin President of Russia
Vladimir Putin President of Russia

The President held a videoconference meeting of the State Council Presidium on implementing the Executive Order on national development goals until 2030.

Sochi,September 28, 2020

Expanded State Council Presidium meeting.
Expanded State Council Presidium meeting.

2 of 3Expanded State Council Presidium meeting.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good evening, colleagues,

Today, we are holding an expanded State Council Presidium meeting with the regional governors, Government members and heads of State Council working groups.

To begin, I would like to congratulate you on an anniversary, September 1: the State Council in its current form observed its 20th anniversary.

Let me remind you that this body was established at the proposal of the MPs and governors of the Russian regions, and since then has played an important, I’d say even strategic role in the system of government bodies, as well as in drafting legislative initiatives and implementing practical measures “on the ground,” so to speak, in the regions and even the municipalities of Russia.

I would like to emphasise that it is impossible to make strategic decisions in such a large, complicated, versatile and multi-ethnic country as Russia without relying on the opinion of the regions, without understanding their basic specific features and without feedback. I would like to note that the regional aspect of the development has been historically inherent in Russian statehood.

At one time, even in the Russian Empire, a unitary country by nature, fairly flexible, unconventional managerial methods were used as regards different administrative and ethnic territories, which made it possible to consider their peculiarities, and we must follow these principles even more in our federative state. Let me repeat that the State Council has a great role to play in this respect.

The State Council has acquired new status in this anniversary year, which was fixed in the country’s basic law – the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

I believe this decision will have a positive effect on the activities of the authorities at all levels and will give them an extra boost both in resolving current issues and in pursuing our long-term plans.

Today, with the regions, we will discuss an issue that is largely mapping out Russia’s progress and will shape Russia’s development in the years to come. It sets the rate and quality of joint work to be done by the state, business and public organisations, goals that target the improvement of life for our country’s citizens.

This issue concerns our national goals, the fine-tuning of the key tools for achieving them, national projects with a view to a high rate of change in the country and globally, new demands from our citizens and experience acquired in recent years, and objective trends in the economy and social sphere. I mean, among other things, the challenges facing Russia and our entire civilisation during the coronavirus pandemic.

I would like to stress once again that the fight against this epidemic is far from over, it is ongoing. We cannot relax and let our guard down.

I would like to address all of our people again. Friends, the risks persist. I want to ask you to remember this and show the utmost responsibility for yourselves and those near you. I ask you to follow all the recommendations from the doctors and specialists. We need this for safety, to protect your health.

Now we know much more about this dangerous disease than we did just a few months ago. We know how to respond and how to build up preventive measures. But now the outcome of our common efforts on fighting the spread of the virus depends on everyone so that we won’t have to resort to large-scale restrictions like we did in the spring, as I said recently; a practice that leaves the economy vulnerable and that is a burden for everyone.

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