What is the future of Virtual Concerts? How artists are managing in pandemic

Pt Durjay Bhaumik
Pt Durjay Bhaumik

In an interview with Durjay Bhaumik talk about the future of this virtual concert

What is the future of Virtual Concerts?

As the nation adjusts to the new reality of life under self-quarantine in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, a number of artists and musical institutions are taking the show online to share some musical joy during these trying times. In an interview with Durjay Bhaumik talk about the future of this virtual concert.

Durjay Bhaumik is a well known Tabla player and the leader of a music band called NADD Yatra.

In the difficult situation of Corona, the closed public program has been chosen as the digital medium. How reasonable is this process in the future?

Well, the situation is difficult, as we all know the entire world is passing through the worst phase of crisis because of COVID-19. At this period of crisis we should feel positivity within ourselves as well as pass it on to our surroundings. This crisis has taught us how to look beyond and act accordingly. Since the last few months the music fraternity of the entire world has been suffering a lot like few other industries. To cope with this stressful and challenging situation this industry has started experimenting various alternative platforms on digital applications. As a result it has proved as a remarkable alternative medium to showcase live performances digitally and I believe that with every passing day this is going to be proved as a highly advantageous medium for performing arts for artistes.

How much public support is available for digital programs? Is it more or less than a live stage program?

As far as public support is concerned every new move always faces challenges. The more you face difficulties the more you make yourself equipped to cope up. In our case we need to generate awareness on the use of digital medium for music performances. At the same time we should stop comparing these two different medium Auditorium/Stage vs. Digital medium each of them has got its own characteristics fragrances.

Which do you prefer, the stage program or the digital program?

Even if Digital concerts are being promoted as it is a demand of time, the importance of public performances will never be ignored. The vibrations and aura of artistes’ penance is always an attraction of the audience and it works as a positive energy for artistes as well.

What is the probability of financial loss if the program continues digitally? Moreover, how many financial problems have the artists faced in the Corona situation?

As I mentioned earlier Digital medium work as an alternative platform, it is not going to overpower live (auditorium) concerts. As far as financial implications are concerned we need to wait until next few months. It is better to be experimental than judgmental.

What is the way out of this financial problem?  

“Think positive” – is the only way out. By doing this we may pass on to the others around us at the same time I ‘d personally request the corporate houses to join this movement by contributing as much as possible. We all know that the government, be it centre or state, are doing their best to make sure that no industry or individual would suffer by implementing new and innovative plans like ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ etc. Only then ‘We shall overcome’.

What kind of new ideas can be thought of in the future if digital programs have to go this way?

Well, we are working jointly with few organizations on many different ideas to make this medium more attractive.  The process is on, only a matter of time.  Very soon we’ll be able to come up with some new and innovative plans.