Statistics of Indians gambling habits

Statistics of Indians gambling habits
Statistics of Indians gambling habits

Statistics of Indians gambling habits

Although gambling is not allowed in most cities in India, nevertheless, it has found a way among Indian players. Indian gaming sites are investing in the gaming market by taking advantage of loopholes in the country’s gambling law. Luckily, they’ve been attracting new and regular bettors and as well, recording higher internet traffic than usual.

The Indian gambling industry grows at a rate of almost 20% every year. In 2019, the overall gambling market was estimated to be worth INR 62billion. By 2024, it is expected to reach INR 250 billion and without doubts, it will continue to rise in the future.

Goa, Daman, and Sikkim have become the prominent gambling cities in India because they are the only state that allows casino. According to a report by Economic Times, 30% of players who traveled to Goa by planes in 2013 were gamblers.

The recent global pandemic, on the whole, has encouraged an influx of online gamblers.  We can say that they’re utilizing this period to reduce boredom whilst generating an alternative source of income too. Unfortunately, many don’t consider that they are likely to fall into the habit of gambling addiction.

Even though gambling platforms have records of players’ data, they are always hesitant to talk about their safety, regardless of whether they’re heading in the wrong direction. This is because they are out there to make profits.  However, if you look at the best online casinos, they always emphasize on responsible gambling.

Mobile gambling has taken the stage

Mobile gambling has been on the rise over a couple of years in India. Thus, the online gambling industry generates more revenue via this platform as compared to PC gambling and other i-Gaming platforms. A major percentage of the online gamblers who gamble with mobile are youths aged 20-35.

The availability of cheap internet-enabled devices, fast and wide internet coverage, cheap data and convenient online payment methods has led to an increase in online gamers.  About 430 million people are smartphone internet users and 40% of them gamble online. The most active online gamblers in the country are located mainly in South India.

Popular Games Played

Online card games: The revenue from online card games increased to Rs. 3,400 crores in 2017-2018 from Rs. 258 crores in 2013-2014.  Reports have it that online Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Poker, and Rummy especially have been attracting vast numbers of Indian players over the past four years.

Fantasy sports: The Indian Premier League and other sports leagues have made fantasy sports gain more fans. In the fantasy sports market, Dream11 has the highest player.

E-sports: There was a shift in gambling spend from digital to virtual betting among Indian gamblers during the lock-down period. This gambling trend occurred towards both fantasy and e-sports as all real sporting activities were suspended.

A survey on the gambling habits and experiences with e-sports was recently carried out by ProdegeMR and 2CV on 756 Indian gamblers aged 18-54. The result revealed that 59% place bets on sports. 9% placed bets on esports in the last 3 months- 62% of them shifted to this trend as the pandemic began.

The result further revealed that 44% reduced their gambling spend due to the pandemic while 69% shifted their gambling spend to other games.