Free Balochistan Movement seminar on 13th November Baloch Martyrs day


FBM seminar on 13th November Baloch Martyrs day

London:(Press release) FBM UK branch has held a live seminar on the Baloch martyr’s days on the 13th of November 2020. In the seminar, all members around the globe have attended and paid respect to the fallen Children of Balochistan.

The meeting was started by playing the Baloch national anthem and one minute of silence has been kept in the respect of Baloch Martyrs.

Speakers from international FBM branches have taken part in the seminar.

Which included speakers from Afghanistan, USA, UK, Canada, and Germany Branches. Mr. Aziz Baloch Said that Mir Mehrab khan and thousands of other martyrs including women, Children have sacrificed their life for National liberation and the Baloch nation should honour it by following their way of struggle. 

Mr. Imran Baloch said that our enemies have divided us into different borders and areas, but we should not forget that we are one nation and a country, and the sacrifice should be remembered.

Mr. Gamshad Baloch Said that the British imperial was the root cause of division and rule along with the destruction of Baloch lands.

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