Free Balochistan Movement expresses concern over the death of Karima Baloch

Free Balochistan Movement
Free Balochistan Movement

Free Balochistan Movement expresses concern over the death of Karima Baloch

QUETTA: The Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) information department in a statement expressed grave concerns over the sudden death of ex-BSO-Azad chairperson Banuk Karima Baloch.  The FBM also strongly condemned the murder of two Baloch refugees in Afghanistan’s Kandahar city.

The FBM statement read, “the disappearance and murder of Karima Baloch, a BNM member and former chairperson of BSO Azad, in Canada is a matter grave concern. Her untimely killing is a source of grief and shock for all.” 

 It is pertinent to remember that Karima Baloch disappeared on Sunday 21 December after leaving home for a walk and did not return home. The following day (Monday) the Toronto Police found her dead body. 

Also on Sunday, two Baloch refugees Gul Bahar Bugti and his son Murad Ali Bugti were shot dead in Kandahar Afghanistan.  
While condemning the attack on Bugti and his son, the head of FBM information department said that Baloch refugees have been neglected by the UNHCR, an international organization working for the welfare and protection of refugees around the world. “This negligence raises questions about their performance and neutrality.” 

He added that Baloch refugees, due to the atrocities of the Pakistani state, were forced to migrate to neighbouring Afghanistan, where thousands of families were living in difficult and destitute conditions. 

“The international organisations, including the UNHCR, should take steps to protect and assist the Baloch refugees,” the FBM statement read.

He further said that Baloch refugees have been targeted by Pakistan ISI operatives in different countries and the Free Balochistan Movement was gravely concern about these incidents. 

The FBM said that the silence of international organizations and not speaking out against Pakistan’s atrocities at world forums is deplorable. 

The Info Department of FBM further maintained that Baloch are not only facing atrocities of Pakistan at home abroad but the fascist Iranian state was also equally committing crimes against Baloch people.

The Iranian state recently executed two Baloch youth, Behnam Reki and Shoaib Reki, in Zahedan prison and shifted many others to Isolation cell who are likely to be executed soon.

The FBM reiterated that the best revenge for all the atrocities and killings of Baloch people by occupying states was in gaining independence from the occupiers.