Geologists Day – Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian geologists and industry veterans on their professional holiday

Vladimir Putin President of Russia
Vladimir Putin President of Russia

Congratulations on Geologists Day

Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian geologists and industry veterans on their professional holiday, Geologists Day. April 4, 202109:00

“You have earned the right to take pride in the exciting history of the country’s geology sector and the many generations of your predecessors–people known for their extraordinary endurance who were true heroes and trailblazers. Over the past decades, thanks to a dedicated and selfless commitment to their vocation, large deposits of minerals have been found in the country, and outstanding achievements have been recorded in tapping mineral resources and boosting the industrial, energy and defense potential of the country.

I believe that by preserving and promoting the remarkable traditions of the veterans in this field and introducing advanced technologies on a wide scale, you will continue to work honestly, and effectively accomplish the jobs you are given.”

Geologists Day was established 55 years ago, in 1966, to mark Soviet geologists’ achievements in securing sources of raw materials for the country and is celebrated every year on the first Sunday in April.

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