Vibrant Ceramics Expo and Summit, 2016 ​ is being organized from 16 to 18 December 2016 at Ahmedabad

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Kolkata 25 October 2016: Addressing several challenges and recognizing various facets of prosperity; Vibrant Ceramics is one-of-a-kind initiative that aims towards unifying and synergistic the key players and solutions providers. As customers, manufacturers, researchers, technologists and innovators come over on this common platform to discuss, share, debate and celebrate the best of the ceramics and sanitary-ware industry; Vibrant Ceramics 2016 is an international event that shall register its name in the key commercial milestones of the year.

Pursuing the idea of our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to see India proliferate in corporate and commercial realms across the world by providing optimal combination of skilled human resources and state-of-the-art technology; Vibrant Ceramics 2016 will be an ideal portal to meet, interact, network and discuss business possibilities for industrialists, dealers, customers, experts, builders and all those who matter in the ceramics and sanitary-ware industry.

When asked China could be a potential big competitor for Indian players, the reply to the press from the organizers quite interesting.

“Yes China is a big player but when it comes to quality, Chinese reputation globally not so well coming interns of durability and long term usage. In this connection they shared their US experience where furniture made by china was attractive but not long lasting after few years it looses the charms and durability test. Hence world is slowly moving from Chinese products. That will be the area where India will gain.

Vibrant Ceramics Expo and Summit, 2016 ( is being organized from 16 to 18 December 2016 at the Sabarmati river-front (An initiative of Prime Minister of India – Mr. Narendra Modi) in Ahmedabad, India. This event is being organized in association with the Morbi Ceramics Association.

Vibrant Ceramics 2016
Vibrant Ceramics 2016

Mr. Vijay Rupani, the newly elected CM of Gujarat equally supports this intensely focused industry event of

Vibrant Ceramics 2016.This ceramic tiles and sanitary-ware exhibition will display products such as porcelain, vitrified tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles and sanitary ware from top 200 Indian manufacturers.

Key highlights of Vibrant Ceramics Expo and Summit 2016
Business to Business B2B and Business to Government B2G Meetings Knowledge Sharing Seminars Video Conferencing

with Overseas Companies

Technology Transfer Opportunities of Investment and Joint Ventures Ceramic Tiles and Sanitary-ware Exhibition


With an enormously diverse and yet strategically focused set of invitees, participants, sponsors and presenters; Vibrant Ceramics 2016 is bringing forward all sorts and types of business resources on a common destination to enable flawless interaction, channelling and networking.VCES 2016 also aims at serving as one of a kind knowledge sharing podium for the ceramics and sanitary-ware industry as a whole.

These vital details shall indeed play a very decisive role in determining roles, goals, incoming policy amendments and facilitating exports for the betterment and prosperity of the ceramics sanitary-ware industry.

At the Knowledge Summit, international experts will deliberate on latest technologies and product development of the ceramics tiles and sanitary-ware industry.

Knowledge topics which will be presented and discussed by international and national experts include:

  • Competitiveness of ceramics and sanitary-ware industry
  • Why Morbi for ceramics and sanitary-ware
  • Technology upgradation in ceramics and sanitary-ware industry
  • Importance of design studio in ceramics
  • Skill development needs of ceramics and sanitary-ware industry
  • Sustainable manufacturing of ceramics and sanitary-ware industry
  • Innovations in ceramics and sanitary-ware industry
  • Latest marketing tools for ceramics and sanitary-ware industry

o Setting up showroom abroad

o Setting up warehouse abroad

o Setting up office abroad

o Starting online sales

  • Criteria for selection of ceramics tiles and sanitary-ware: Perspectives from architects and interior designers 20 country delegations and thousands of companies from India are expected to attend the event for which seminars cum roadshows are being organized at the following locations globally:

At a pan-India level, over 21 roadshows to spread awareness about Vibrant Ceramics 2016 are being conducted in 21 cities across India.

Yesterday’s recently concluded Kolkata seminar saw the successful participation of over 60 enthusiastic industry individuals consisting of large dealers and distributors of ceramic tiles and sanitary-ware and builders and construction companies keen to learn more on the vast opportunities that Morbi has to offer as the nerve-center of India’s ceramic tiles and sanitary-ware industry.

The Kolkata seminar which was presented by Mr. Sandip Patel, Co-organizer and Director of the Organizing Committe resulted in the registration of over 25 participants who will be attending Vibrant Ceramics 2016 from16 to 18 December at Sabarmati river-front in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The ceramics industry in India came into existence about a century ago and has matured over time to form an industrial base. 

India’s ceramic industry ranks at 2nd position in the world and produces around 13.9% of global output.

Today, it is among the top three countries in the field of tile production and is further developing by giant strides. The industry provides employment to 550,000 people, of whom 50,000 are directly employed.

India’s ceramic tiles industry is estimated to be of Rs. 24,000 crore of which 40% is organized while 60% is unorganized sector.

Morbi in Gujarat provides an excellent environment for all stakeholders of the ceramics and sanitary-ware industry to flourish. Morbi is the nerve center of the India’s ceramic tiles and sanitary-ware industry and is witnessing a structural shift via exclusive tie-ups with branded ceramic tile players.

Key factors which make Morbi in Gujarat, the next big destination in international ceramics and sanitary-ware arena

Primary focus of Vibrant Ceramics Expo and Summit 2016 is on the following essential aspects:

  • Exploring tools and techniques to increase production capacity of ceramics
  • Uncovering ceramics and sanitary-ware products, latest technologies and innovation at the display
  • Enabling the manufacturers and business associates, including builders in shortening the supply chain and eliminating the complexities by motivating e-commerce and digital business options
  • Training and empowering the small players within the industry towards enhanced awareness of the latest technology to ensure better results and enable a more sustainable ceramics business scenario

This industry-specific event will serve as a unique platform for builders from across India and other countries to explore the best of business and networking opportunities in the ceramics and sanitary-ware sector. 

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