An artist who loves his music more than Anything – Vin Bogart


Music is soul for Musician – An artist who loves his music more than Anything – Vin Bogart…

Music is we all know one the blessing to the person which heals everything in life. It gives your mind wings of peace. Music has no language your heart connects to music more than language.

Musician from Los Angeles Vin Bogart: He is a musician who loves music more than anything in his life. Rose in Los Angeles completed graduation in physics. After that, he joined his dream work which is music. He joined in one company and worked there as a Director and editor than he shifted to L.A for other work to do some good earnings. But his love for music forced him again to join his music.

Vin Bogart
Vin Bogart

2015 First Big Break: He produces his own work by writing; making music and singing everything by his own his first video which got pace in PC magazine. Then he joined hand with EP. He got his first break in 2015 called soul it was electro-soul EP. Then from 2018, he started to release multi-volume EP projects called the way, highlighting the importance of loving and kindness in our daily lives. This album gave him good fame as it was a huge hit more than 1, 00,000 plays for every track.

Vin Bogart is also coming up with new videos in the nearby future which can be seen n his website

He believes music should be real and it should touch the heart of everyone who is listening to your music. He believes show kindness to all and love everyone in life whom you meet.

Vin Bogart Believes in Humanity: He is fond of eastern and western religion with his life experience.  He believes in real love with no ego for anything in life and that can be seen in his music where you only find the soul and true love and kindness for all according to him. For him, music is the purest form of love which anyone can have. He believes in helping people and says don’t be materialistic in life.

He loves to make his own albums with his writing and his music. He is a true follower of music who believes in new and original things which can touch everyone’s heart with his unique music and wordings. He knows Bass. Soul. IDM. Chill Trap. Future Blues.

2018 a successful year for Vin Bogart: His music went to 65 countries with more than 136k fans worldwide. This is amazing Vin Bogart thanked everyone on his Instagram in December 2018 for love and support which he got in 2018.

He stays away from every materialistic thing which is actually not a good idea but he feels if his music is true and people will still love him and platforms like Spotify helps people like him to be in the market and get audiences for their music from different places of the world.


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