Ankit Madaan – The Gamechanger

Ankit Madan - The Gamechanger
Ankit Madan - The Gamechanger

Ankit Madaan – The Gamechanger 
A Delhi boy graduated in Journalism, was pursuing his MBA like all others but a sudden urge to follow his heart to become an Entrepreneur lead him dropping out of the MBA course.  
As they say, an Entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer he does justice to this quote.  
The founder of ‘ The Hasley India’ a name which everyone in the country is aware of, having about 1.2 M subscriptions and over 100 Million views only on YouTube and 200 Million views on Instagram. 
This successful venture didn’t stop him, he yet started another YouTube channel What The Fukrey which again has 1.1 M subs. 
He even started a female-centric channel with his brother, launched it this year on Women’s Day, channel name ‘Pataakha’. It’s been three months old and has already gained a lot of popularity. It has about 120k + subscriptions and over 7-8 Million views already.! 
This young Entrepreneur knows no boundary, no stopping even after such great successful ventures, the hard work he has dedicated to reaching these heights just uplifts his vision to keep moving forward keeping all the lessons learnt in this journey to how to be a gamechanger in business like YouTube, which was hardly opted by Indians earlier.


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