Get used to the name Naief Memon because this modern Entrepreneur is remarkable.

Naief Memon
Naief Memon

Get used to the name Naief Memon because this modern Entrepreneur is remarkable.

India is becoming a place of young Entrepreneurs, we are now witnessing lots of fresh talents coming out and gaining their name in various fields, and they have taken the corporate world by storm with their new approaches which are different than traditional.
Naief Memon a new name which is buzzing in the top young Entrepreneurs list. He is an inspiring young talent who is known for his unique concepts and currently rising as best Entrepreneur of our time with his vision and hard work.Naief belongs to a very reputed family; he is the son of Nadim Memon who himself is a notable personality. Yes, he is born with a silver spoon and a considerable surname behind his name, but that doesn’t mean he has received these things as a gift in life. He has worked hard without anyone’s help in life. Yes, his father role is essential in his life but as a mentor not more than that because Naief has chosen his career with his guts.

Naief has never taken things lightly in his life, this young lad’s story can be an inspirational story for many, and he started with a job and now a successful entrepreneur who is holding multiple companies with his own talent and vision to do something in life which made his family proud.

Naief has offices in Mumbai and L.A – USA. He knows how to create excellent benefits by meeting the right successes for his business. He might be young but experienced in the business. He has more than a decade of experience in business, so don’t take him lightly he is a deadly combo of fresh new ideas and guts to achieve big in life and no surprise he is doing it with style at a very young age.

Right now Naief is Managing Partner of NOFILTR.GROUP started in 2017 with his close friend Hardik Zaveri. They handle top influencer of today’s time — social media stars from Tik Tok and other media platform.

Phew!!!  The list is not ending hear, one more thing to add in his business list and that is “collabtribe”. It is a unique venture different than routine marketing, and they have come up with a fantastic new concept by this they are bringing views and likes of top celebrities on one platform. They build celebs profile which can help them to collaborate with the top brands.

Naief Memon is making his life bigger and better with his abilities and hard work; He is undoubtedly a next big thing in the coming years.


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