Gurbux Singh’s “My Golden Days” – Story of a legend who had the calm of Mahatma Gandhi and determination of Netaji Subash on the field and in the life

My Golden Days - Gurbux Singh Autobigraphy 7
My Golden Days - Gurbux Singh Autobigraphy 7

He had the calm of Mahatma Gandhi and Aggression of Netaji Subash on the field,He is the most gentleman sports personality of the Kolkata Maidan,India even may be at world level of Hockey. Yes we are talking of Lion Sardar of Indian Hockey Shri Gurbux Singh.

Former Olympian Gurbux Singh addresses the media during an event to celebrate the release of his autobiography ‘My Golden Days’, in Kolkata on Friday. Also seen are actor Victor Banerjee and former tennis player Akhtar Ali.

While Chunni Goswami,P.K. Banerjee, Dibyendu Barua,Sambaran Banerjee many other legends of Sports management were there but the man with unique clam and quite attitude perhaps had the spotlight on for the right reason. My Golden Days brought all together at the Terace Garden of Taj Bengal Kolkata.

Actor Victor Banerjee who himself was a hockey player and played with Gurbux Singh at Mohun Bagan Club. He told that how much still he admire his teammate even today. 

Artist Wasim Kapoor was drawing a paint with the words about Gurbux Singh.

When you are a player of international stature you will have the followers and fans always but some gets into the heart forever Gurbux Singh one such man in few Goodman’s league.






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