Institutional sales may help Hero Electric reach its target of 1 million bikes much faster

Hero Electric
Hero Electric

Institutional sales may help Hero Electric reach its target of 1 million bikes much faster

Kolkata, 28 February 2019: Hero Electric is beginning to see a definite positive movement in the adoption of e-bikes in the institutional segment. The electric bikes are beginning to make lot of sense to the bulk users. The bulk buyer is much more calculative and analytical in his buying decision, whether it is cost economics or reliability, gets convinced on logics and depends less on the instincts and is now finding true value for money in switching over to Hero e-bikes says Sohinder Gill, CEO Hero Electric and that’s why perhaps we are seeing an upsurge in the institutional segment. On the other hand, the retail customer though gets fully convinced about the utility of E bikes and its saving potential, generally seeks references and draws comfort from the visibility of the bikes on the road and that’s why is in two minds whether to buy petrol or electric bike.

It is interesting to know the myriad reasons why the bulk buyers prefer Hero electric bikes over the petrol bikes. Huge savings in the total cost of ownership is the primary driver for such decision however extremely low maintenance and ease of operations does also come high in mind of the institutional buyers. Some business houses with a respectable name and sensitive to environment buy these bikes under their CSR initiatives.  Some others operating in the silent zones or closed spaces buy them for the No-Noise, No-Smoke features. Air-force and Navy buys them for their sprawling residential campuses for comfortable and easy mobility for women, senior aged members and the students. Food delivery companies have started testing Hero electric E bikes in line with their vision of “green deliveries’ and low cost of operations.

Rentals, Sharing and Deliveries are a very promising and upcoming businesses switching over to Hero Electric bikes. A Calcutta based E Bike taxi company uses few dozen Hero electric E Bikes for last mile connectivity. A spice wholesaler in Chandni Chowk Delhi owns 5 Hero Electric Optimas for the last 3 years and has been able to reduce 2 of his team of 7 delivery boys. The meter readers of Discoms in North India find the bikes very comfortable for the instant start stop functions at numerous stops. The staff at one of the large campus of a respected Guru is using more than 100 bikes appreciating its zero maintenance and the non-intrusive silent commute without disturbing the tranquility. We were intrigued by a unique reason given by the owner of a courier company that he has bought peace of mind by replacing his old fleet of petrol bikes with these 25 Hero E Bikes, and his relations with his staff has improved as there is no more suspicion of the petrol being stolen and the mistrust on the inflated bills!

The bulk customer wants not only the right product but also the strength of the company to take care of the after sales service needs ensuring near zero downtime. It’s more of a business partnership than a product sale says C.Balagopal, the head of Hero Electric sales at Karnataka, recalling his experience of Zoom car using few hundreds of Hero Nyx for the rentals.  Speaking on the partnership, Mr. Nirmal NR, Senior Vice President & Business Head, E-Mobility, Zoomcar, says, “We found a reliable partner in Hero Electric to start our Shared Electric scooter business. The after sales support through their channel partners and the required improvements for our specific use cases was very helpful. We look forward to a long and lasting partnership with Hero for the same.”

We are focusing on the institutional customers with the twin objective of proving that Hero Electric Bikes can easily withstand the rough and tough use and that they are a great saver of costs, says Gill. We are also gently sensitizing the buyers of their social responsibility towards cleaner environment that is so critical for our health and crude oil saving that is so crucial for our country. We are confident that positive word of mouth of these bikes will help the retail customer to switch from the polluting petrol bikes that look low cost in the beginning but end up losing so much money for the owners.


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