Journey of Faisal Shaikh from Rags to Riches

Journey of Faisal Shaikh from Rags to Riches
Journey of Faisal Shaikh from Rags to Riches

Journey of Faisal Shaikh from Rags to Riches

Faisal Shaikh’s life started with struggle, but he didn’t break down against odds like money to stop him achieve success in his life. If you talk about his early day’s life was not easy; Faisal comes from a lower Indian middle-class family, where you cannot Dream anything in life accept money. Things started to change in his life when he started making videos on musically (Tik TOK). His Journey on musically was for fun with his friends.

He was just making random videos with his friends. He was not expecting anything from it, Though God had another plan for him and that fun became steps of victory in his career, and he started to become famous in no time. Faisal is the only Celebrity on Insta and Tik Tok with more than 16 million fans following with none B-Town or any great History. The response which he was getting from Tik Tok inspired him to do more specific things.

He did his own album and it became a tremendous success as more than 20million people viewed his videos. He has also done promotional work for many movies and songs freshly he is doing promotional activity for Gully Boy movie of Ranveer Singh and forthcoming film Kalank were you will see Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit, Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha, Aditya and Varun has worked under Karan Johar’s Dream Project.

Faisal Shaikh is now a Brand, as he has become Brand Ambassador of PB Nutrition. His dream of having a muscular body is reality, and not only is that he became the ambassador of Health Products. You might be thinking Faisal Shaikh goals would be to join the Film industry. But it is not his goal to become a movie star. His actual dream is to become an Entrepreneur, he wants to be known as India’s leading Businessman in the coming years of his life. He is already working on his dreams. I feel it is just the beginning for Faisal Shaikh, Real Success is yet to come for him.

Many opportunities are waiting for him as he is young and directed on his work. We will surely see him as “A successful Indian Business Man Faisal Shaikh” in coming years. His desire to achieve things with his hard work is going to pay him more productive days ahead. Just visit his Insta page and if you want to promote your brand or collaborate with him contact him via his Insta page and faisusqaud.


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