Koler Gaan a new bengali movie shooting started

Koler Gaan
Koler Gaan

Movie Name: Koler Gaan

Cast Paran Bandopadhyay,Choiti Ghoshal,Bhaskar Banerjee,Ashoke Kumar,Anuradha Roy, Sanchari Mondal, Kalyan Chatterjee & others
Pro.ducer: S K Sharma And P K Singh
Story, Screenplay, dialogues, and Directions: Pranab Mukherjee
AD: Souren Das
DOP. Pradip Das
Editor: Baishali Dasgupta Bhowmik
PR & Publicity Enigmatix & Green Orange


Mr Chandrakanta, the central character of the movie is around 70 years old. His family consists of his son Chandan, daughter-in-law Sumita and grandson Chanchal. Mr Chandrakanta is addicted to listening to ‘Koler Gaan’ (Gramophone) from a very young age. His father, late Chunilal Mukherjee was gifted that special gramophone record by the British Director of Martin Burn Co before he left for England.

The problem with Mr Chandrakanta at present is that his daughter in law Sumita cannot ttolerate him listening to the Koler Gaan. She tries every way to bar him from listening to it but fails to do so. This thing starts hampering the peace of the family. To get rid of this trouble Chandrakanta takes his favorite Koler Gaan to his friend Akhilesh’s house, who hails from a Jamindar family, and starts living there.

Suddenly one day antique dealer Mr Gomes arrives at Chandrakanta’s home and offers the family a good price for the priceless gramophone. Out of Greed Sumita lefts no stone unturned to bring back Chandrakanta home and as soon as she got the right opportunity, she sold the Gramophone to the antique dealer. Though her husband did not support the act from heart but give in to his wife’s persuasion. Learning this Chandrakanta suffers a fatal Heart attack.


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