Ministry of Railways Announces Cancellation/Partial Cancellation/Diversion/Frequency Reduction of Trains For The Forthcoming Foggy Season 2017-2018. 

Indian Railway
Indian Railway

Ministry of Railways Announces Cancellation/Partial Cancellation/Diversion/Frequency Reduction of Trains For The Forthcoming Foggy Season 2017-2018. 

This Will Be Done With Effect From 1st December 2017 to 13th February 2018. 

In order to manage the train operations in upcoming foggy season 2017-18, Ministry of Railways has devised a detailed plan for cancellation & frequency reduction etc. of trains traversing through fog affected area. The Cancellation, Partial Cancellation Reduction in Frequency and Diversion of trains mentioned in the list (given below) will be done with effect from 1st December 2017 to 13thFebruary 2018.

The advanced cancellation etc., is being done, so that, passengers may plan their journeys accordingly. In case of cancellation etc., full refund of fare will be given to the affected passengers. The passengers are advised to check the status of the train before undertaking their journey. The status of these trains will also be communicated to the passengers on their respective registered mobile numbers.

During the fog, the visibility becomes very low and trains have to run on a highly-restricted speed to ensure safety of the passengers which leads to considerable delays in the movement of trains.

The status of these trains will be monitored periodically keeping in view the intensity of fog and decisions to restore some of the trains may be taken, as and when operationally feasible.


List of Trains to be cancelled during foggy weather 2017-2018
 (01.12.17 TO 13.02.18)
S.No. Train no Train name From Station To Station Freq.
1 12179 Intercity Lucknow Jn Agra Cantt Daily
12180 Agra cantt. Lucknow Jn Daily
2 13257 Jan Sadharan Danapur Anand Vihar Daily
13258 Anand Vihar Danapur Daily
3 14005 Lichchivi Sitamarhi Anand Vihar Terminus Daily
14006 Anand Vihar Terminus Sitamarhi Daily
4 14207 Padmavat Pratapgarh Delhi Daily
14208 Delhi Pratapgarh Daily
5 14211 Intercity Agra cantt. New  Delhi Daily
14212 New  Delhi Agra Cantt Daily
6 14217 Unchahar Prayag Chandigarh Daily
14218 Chandigarh Prayag Daily
7 14221 Express Faizabad Kanpur Anwarganj Daily
14222 Kanpur Anwarganj Faizabad Daily
8 14235 Express Varanasi Bareilly Daily
14236 Bareilly Varanasi Daily
9 14265 Express Varanasi Dehradoon Daily
14266 Dehradoon Varanasi Daily
10 14307 Express Prayag Bareilly Daily
14308 Bareilly Prayag Daily
11 14525 Intercity Ambala Sri Ganganagar Daily
14526 Sri Ganganagar Ambala Daily
12 15209 Jansewa Shaharsa Amritsar Daily
15210 Amritsar Shaharsa Daily
13 15273 Satyagrah Raxaul Anand Vihar Daily
15274 Anand Vihar Raxaul Daily
14 15275 Express Saharsa Barauni Daily
15276 Barauni Saharsa Daily
15 15483 Sikkim Mahananda Alipurduar Delhi Daily
15484 Delhi Alipurduar Daily
16 19717 Intercity Jaipur Chandigarh Daily
19718 Chandigarh Jaipur Daily
17 11901 Express Mathura Kurukshetra Five days
11902 Kurukshetra Mathura Five days
18 14673 Shaheed Jaynagar Amritsar Four days
14674 Amritsar Jaynagar Four days
19 12873 Jharkhand Swarna Jayanti Hatia Anand Vihar Tri weekly
12874 Anand Vihar Hatia Tri weekly
20 12583 AC Double Decker Lucknow Jn Anandvihar Bi weekly
12584 Anandvihar Lucknow Jn Bi weekly
21 13119 Express Sealdah Anand Vihar Bi weekly
13120 Anand Vihar Sealdah Bi weekly
22 14003 Express New Delhi Malda Town Bi weekly
14004 Malda Town New Delhi Bi weekly
23 14309 Ujjaini Ujjain Dehradoon Bi weekly
14310 Dehradoon Ujjain Bi weekly


LIST-2(Frequency Reduction)

List of Trains whose frequency is proposed to be reduced during foggy weather 2017-2018

w.e.f. – 01.12.17 to 13.02.18

S.No Train no Train Name From Station To Station Frequency Cancelled on day
1 12023 Jan Shatabdi Howrah Patna Six days Thursday
12024 Patna Howrah Thursday
2 12365 Jan Shatabdi Patna Ranchi Daily Friday
12366 Ranchi Patna Friday
3 12393 Sampoorna Kranti Rajendra Nagar New Delhi Daily Wednesday
12394 New Delhi Rajendra Nagar Thursday
4 12397 Mahaboodhi Gaya New Delhi Daily Monday
12398 New Delhi Gaya Tuesday
5 12561 Swatantrta Senani Jaynagar New Delhi Daily Thursday
12562 New Delhi Jaynagar Friday
6 15203 Express Barauni Lucknow Daily Tuesday
15204 Lucknow Barauni Friday
7 15211 Jan Nayak Darbanga Amritsar Daily Wednesday
15212 Amritsar Darbanga Friday
8 13345 Intercity/


Varanasi Singrauli Daily Tuesday
23347 Chopan Shaktinagar Tuesday
9 13346 Singrauli Varanasi Daily Tuesday
23346 Shaktinagar Chopan Tuesday
10 13133 Express Sealdah Varanasi Five days Tuesday
13134 Varanasi Sealdah Friday
11 12192 Sridham Jabalpur New Delhi Daily Wednesday
12191 New Delhi Jabalpur Thursday
12 22405 Garibrath Bhagalpur Anand Vihar Tri Weekly Thursday
22406 Anand Vihar Bhagalpur Wednesday
13 13239 Express Patna Kota 4 days a week Friday
13240 Kota Patna Saturday
14 12225 Kaifiyat Azamgarh Delhi Daily Thursday
12226 Delhi Azamgarh Wednesday
15 12279 Taj Jhansi Nizamuddin Daily Wednesday
12280 Nizamuddin Jhansi Wednesday
16 13413 Farrakka Malda Town Delhi Tri weekly Monday
13414 Delhi Malda Town Wednesday
17 13483 Malda Town Delhi Four Days Friday
13484 Delhi Malda Town Sunday
18 12331 Himgiri Howrah Jammutawi Tri weekly Tuesday
12332 Jammutawi Howrah Thursday
19 12333 Vibhuti Howrah Allahabad City Daily Tuesday
12334 Allahabad City Howrah Wednesday
20 13005 Amritsar Mail Howrah Amritsar Daily Monday
13006 Amritsar Howrah Wednesday
21 13021 Mithila Howrah Raxaul Daily Wednesday
13022 Raxaul Howrah Thursday
22 14257 Kashi Vishwananth Express Varanasi New Delhi Daily Tuesday
14258 New Delhi Varanasi Wednesday
23 14625 Intercity Delhi Sarai Rohilla Firozpur Daily Tuesday
14626 Firozpur Delhi Sarai Rohilla Wednesday
24 13151 Express Kolkatta Jammutawi Daily Wednesday
13152 Jammutawi Kolkatta Friday
25 13049 Amritsar


Howrah Amritsar Daily Tuesday
13050 Amritsar Howrah Thursday
26 15011 Express Lucknow Jn Chandigarh Daily Wednesday
15012 Chandigarh Lucknow Jn Thursday
27 14649 Saryu Yamuna Jaynagar Amritsar Tri-weekly Friday
14650 Amritsar Jaynagar Wednesday
28 14523 Harihar Express Barauni Jn Ambala Bi weekly Thursday
14524 Ambala Barauni Jn Tuesday
29 11123 Mail           Barauni Gwalior Daily Tuesday, Friday
11124           Gwalior Barauni Monday, Thursday


LIST-3(Partial Cancellation)

List of Partially cancelled trains during foggy weather 2017-2018 w.e.f. – 01.12.17 TO 13.02.18


Train No. Train Name From To Frequency Partial Cancellation between
1 12403 Express Allahabad Jaipur Daily Mathura-Jaipur-Mathura
12404 Jaipur Allahabad
2 13007 Udyan Abha Toofan Howrah Sri Ganganagar Daily Agra Cantt.-Sri Ganganagar- Agra Cantt.


13008 Sri Ganganagar Howrah
3 12369 Kumbha Express Howrah Haridwar Five days Lucknow-Haridwar- Lucknow
    12370          Haridwar Howrah



List of Trains diverted during foggy weather 2017-2018

w.e.f. – 01.12.17 TO 13.02.18



Train No. Train Name From To Frequency Scheduled route Diverted route
1 13237 Express Patna Kota Tri Weekly Kanpur-Tundla-Agra-Mathura-Bharatpur Kanpur-Farrukhabad-Kasganj-Mathura-
13238 Express Kota Patna Tri weekly Bharatpur-Mathura-Agra-Tundla-Kanpur Bharatpur-Achhnera-Mathura-Kasganj-Farrukhabad-Kanpur
2 13239 Express Patna Kota 4 days a week Kanpur-Tundla-Agra-Mathura-Bharatpur Kanpur-Farrukhabad-Kasganj-Mathura-
13240 Express Kota Patna 4 days a week Bharatpur-Mathura-Agra-Tundla-Kanpur Bharatpur-Achhnera-Mathura-Kasganj-Farrukhabad-Kanpur




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