Orkoss Restaurant delights customer with Mango festival

Orkoss Restaurant - Mango Festival
Orkoss Restaurant - Mango Festival

Mango festival

Once again Orkoss Restaurant has been in the Lime light from the start and has never failed to leave an indelible impression in the minds of foodies. With that fervor in mind the king of fruits is there once again to mesmerize you all.

The pulpy juicy mangoes with their all adorable sweetness will have all our patrons swooning over them. Think of the curvaceous Alphonso mango and you have it in your coolers and your dessert. Orkoss Restaurant, with their signature Craftsmanship in Culinary art has brought it again for us.

The Alphonso`s will leave you yearn for more .The cooler will have your spirits remain cool.

Right from the Minty cool mango Madness to the mango kulfi, you have an array to choose from and satisfy your tantalizing taste buds subtly priced with an eye on your wallet. Till 14th of July we are doing this mango promotion on our restaurant. Mint mango Madness which is chef special cooler from the menu we have Lavish Lassi , vanilla mango fizz, Mint mango pineapple cooler this all are the special mocktail you can enjoy next one month.

After cooler you can choose special dessert like, Mango on Vacation which made by pulpy alphonso with akhrut and whipped cream mixed together. All-time favorite Mango Kulfi is the best choice for you. End with Maharajki Pasand which is nine variety of Mango on a single platter.

Be there to experience the magic unraveled by the culinary experts Of Orkoss Restaurant atsalt lake city centre 1 Kolkata.


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