Preemptive action by the government on onion prices


Preemptive action by the government on onion prices

By PIB Delhi

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Department of Consumer Affairs (DoCA) reviewed the price situation of Onion in Delhi in a High-Level meeting chaired by the Secretary, DoCA Shri Avinash K. Srivastava with all the concerned stakeholders including MD NAFED, MD NCCF, Safal, and others. Onions for retailing by Safal is being made available at present from the government stock built under Price Stabilisation Fund (PSF).  It was decided that retail price of onion at Safal would not be allowed to exceed Rs 23.90/- per kg (for Grade A variety) i.e., the price prevailing at their outlets as on 21st August 2019.

For this, Safal will continue to receive onions from the government buffer at the same rate at which it was offered on 21st August 2019. Safal was also asked to double the quantity of its retailing operations for onions.NAFED and NCCF were also directed to retail onions at prices similar to that of Safal through their outlets and mobile vans. Further, onions from the government buffer would be offered at cost price to large retailers for supplies to the public at reasonable prices. The price situation would be monitored regularly by the department for appropriate intervention.

Government will also consider strict action against hoarding and profiteering activities and evaluate the need for imposing minimum export price (MEP) on onion if the situation so demands.


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