The 360 an App for Society management

The 360 an App for Society management
The 360 an App for Society management

A residential complex or a housing society in a city may be a single building with few flats or a large residential complex having multiple high-rise towers and may have 1500+ flats. Administering and maintaining a residential complex is a daunting task.
Keeping record of constant stream of visitors, maintaining cleaning and maintenance records, keeping track of AMC and expiries, asset and inventory management, keeping track of resident’s complaints, making sure the security guards are correctly doing their duties, keeping track of electricals, lifts, plumbing, managing any incident like fire or theft, etc all these make maintenance of a residential society an intensive process.

Unfortunately, the people who are in charge of administering and maintaining the residential complex have nothing to rely on other than pen/paper, Microsoft word, excel to keep track of everything.

Security guards are doing all visitor entry in pen and paper, guards do not know how long a visitor has been inside a complex. Most of the residential complexes don’t track what assets and inventories they have led to theft, wastage, and loss. Many times, AMC and critical maintenance dates are missed leading to critical safety lapses. Residents become agitated when their problems (lift not working, no lights in corridor, tap is leaking etc) are not addressed in time and keeping track of resident’s complains and their resolution is a big challenge in itself. And then keeping track of the financials like salaries of security guards, electricity and water bills, monthly maintenance collections from residents, festival and other expenses makes one feel that you need a huge accounting department.

Luckily with the increasing adoption and the falling prices of the internet and smartphones, building software solutions to these problems and putting them in the hands of end-users is increasingly becoming a reality. We at The360 having seen these problems at first handset out to build software that could solve the pain of the residential complex management. Our software digitizes everything and does away with pen and paper. Maintaining digital records means they are available anytime, and are immune to flood, fire, theft and can be analyzed easily in a computer. The360 software platform also automates a lot of tasks like a generation of bills/invoices/reports, automatic maintenance of assets and inventories. The software platform also gives reminders for critical activities like maintenance of lifts and firefighting equipment’s so that they are done in time. With security going digital, security guards can now take pictures of visitors, verify their phone numbers and ensure they are not giving fake numbers, keep track of visitors inside the complex in realtime. Residents also know of incoming visitors even if they are not at home, making the residential complex a much safer place to live.

In all, The360 platform makes residential complex much more secure, makes administration and maintenance of the residential complex much more efficient.


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