Wheels with comfort and speed give joy to Boopesh Reddy

Boopesh Reddy'
Boopesh Reddy'

Wheels with comfort and speed give joy to Boopesh Reddy

Reddy is a famous name when you come to south Bengaluru India; you will find many famous names in the south, but Reddy’s have stamped their name worldwide with their work and business. Boopesh Reddy, a well-known businessman who is petro head, Managing Director of Bren Corporation private limited. 

Boopesh had driven whole lots of Indian cars most of his life when his business was growing, but his real love was cup cars, in other words- we say “Gold wheels”, his eye and Garage were always looking for top supercars of the world at his place. 

Choice of people gives you an indication of his lifestyle and how he lives life, but in Boopesh case, it’s not the same. He looks like tycoon with serious looks, but when you see his famous Garage the collection of cars are not Rolls Royce and others, his Garage is full of top super fast cars of the world which sounds like a “lion and runs like Cheetah on the road”.Boopesh loves the sound of high wheels; it gives him energy for his life.

Other than business cars his love for life, he gets the joy of his life from super hot wheels, Gadgets never attracted him, or he feels, Gadgets are for work and pleasure from that is not possible. But cars are something special for him, colours, sound, wheels, comfort and speed makes him crazy, and he gets unique energy from these gold wheels which run on tracks.

Boopesh loves is not limited to his dreams, he has whole lots of collection in his Garage, and his BrenGarage is exceptionally famous in south India. Bengaluru is lucky to have him because every single day you see new supercar comes out from his Garage which pops up the eyes of every Bengalurian. Boopesh Reddy feels my cars are not for Garage its for my Indian Roads and I drive my every vehicle to my office.

We wish Boopesh Reddy’s Bren corporation reach new heights so that we see his Garage filled with more and more super hot wheels. As Indian, we feel proud when our Indian business like Boopesh running top wheels on Indian roads, which is rare to see. And we also hope Indian roads get more super-cars lovers like Boopesh Reddy.


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