Titan Company gets an ad-interim relief against sale of counterfeit Titan and Fastrack watches on Snapdeal

Titan launches the Forever Kolkata Collection
Titan launches the Forever Kolkata Collection

Titan Company gets an ad-interim relief against sale of counterfeit Titan and Fastrack watches on Snapdeal

India, August 1, 2019: Titan Company Limited (Titan), has filed a civil law suit before the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi against certain sellers (Sellers) and Snapdeal with a case that Sellers were selling counterfeit / infringing FASTRACK watches on Snapdeal and further that Snapdeal had also not taken down various listings of counterfeit FASTRACK / TITAN branded watches despite being notified of the same by Titan.

The Hon’ble Court through an ex-parte ad-interim injunction order dated 29th July, 2019, restrained the Sellers from selling, marketing or otherwise dealing in goods bearing the marks TITAN and FASTRACK of Titan.  Further, Snapdeal was directed to take down within 24 hours of service of the said order, the URLs of which complaint had already been lodged by Titan with Snapdeal. The Hon’ble Court further directed that Snapdeal should immediately on receipt of compliant from Titan of other / further URLs selling counterfeit goods of Titan and remove the same from Snapdeal. This case is sub-judice before the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi.

Mr. S Ravi Kant, CEO- Watches & Accessories division, Titan Company Limited said, “In the recent past, numerous cases of rampant trademark infringement and counterfeiting have come to light and we believe this can only be countered through strong legal measures.

At Titan, our primary focus is on safeguarding the interests of our customers, ensuring that they are assured of a quality original product when they trust and invest in our brand. We have been heard by the Hon’ble High Court and passed the above said order. We remain committed to our customers and will pursue the same approach in the event if similar instances occur in the future”

While Snapdeal also responded to the court order and here is the official reply from Snapdeal Spokesperson :

Snapdeal welcomes the order of the Hon’ble High Court, which reiterates the crucial distinction between the marketplace and the sellers and the need for a takedown process. Through Brand Shield, Snapdeal already has a quick and efficient process to takedown the of listings by unscrupulous sellers. Snapdeal has zero-tolerance for any fraudulent acts of rogue sellers. 

Snapdeal’s anti-counterfeiting program, Brand Shield, provides brands with a single-point contact to ask for the takedown of identified listings in a structured manner and 8000 sellers have been delisted through this in the last 8 months.

—Snapdeal Spokesperson