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Shankhachil Movie Review

Film: Shankhachil (Boundless)
Indo-Bangladesh Co-Production
Director: Goutam Ghose

GENRE: Drama

Cast: Prosenjit Chatterjee, Kushum Shikder, Shajbati (Introducing), Dipankar Dey, Mamunur Rashid, Nakul Vaid, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Riaz Mahmood,Ushasie Chakraborty, Arindam Sil.

Produced by:
Prosenjit Chatterjee, Mou Roychowdhury (India)
Habibur Rahman Khan, Faridur Reza Sagar (Bangladesh)

Production House :
Nideas Creations and Productions Pvt Ltd (India)
Techno Global Hospital(India)
Ashirbad Chalachitra(Bangladesh)
Impress Telefilm Ltd(Bangladesh)

DOP: Ishaan Ghose
Costume Designer: Neelanjana Ghose
Art director: Indranil Ghosh and Uttam Guha
Music: Goutam Ghose
Sound Designing: Anirban Sengupta
Edited by: Baishali Dasgupta Bhaumic and Niladri Roy
Colorist: Manas Bhattacharyya
Lighting Cameraman: Sunirmal Majumder
Audio Release by: Asha Audio

Shankhachil is the moving journey of a common man, who is forced to question his core belief in all things of Bengali life . It’s a true cinematic treat that hammers a viewer with light and sounds we miss so much in cities — of  village ponds,verdant fields, forests, and flowing rivers, and the pristine beauty of rural Bengal life.

But somewhere, in the midst of all this beauty, the films seems to loose focus away from its core story. The story starts with a scene that focuses purely on illegal immigration from East Bengal across the international border.

Hence, the mind sets as is the story line that focuses purely on that subject. Well it does so, by asking the very basis of the bifurcation of Bengal, somehow it fails to make a key note, as the story knotted with a man and the drama in his life.

The frames hardly ever leaves Prosenjit Chatterjee once he enters the seen. A stellar performance by Prosenjit Chatterjee a real treat for his fans. But in doing so, the storyline fades away from the main border issue.

I don’t have anything to say regarding the acting or direction etc. All is fantastic. I want to enlighten the social message part of it.

According to this movie Bangladesh has got their freedom with a lot of struggle and sacrifice of Bangladeshis which is true and a saddest part of history for sure,but not the complete truth. The complete truth is that INDIA has created Bangladesh with a lot of risks ahead without any self interest, and facing its consequences till date.

If India was not their Pakistan would have killed each and every innocent Bengali’s in Bangladesh, As they said “I want the Land, not the people”.

It has been shown in the film that an honest Bangladeshi teacher has come to Kolkata for the sake of their child, they have come from the place of peace nature and harmony and Kolkata is a place where their is prostitution, Kalabazari etc.

This history part of the facts must have been more accurate.

A remarkably mediocre melodrama from the renowned director. The problem starts with the story. It had great ideas but needed a writer to bring it together, which Mr Ghosh is not. It takes too much time to come together as to where exactly is it heading, about 10 mins before interval, to be exact. All that time to set up, what isn’t too strong going ahead either.

There are illogical scenes like Prasenjit crying aloud about partition and throwing old letters in the river, in present day, just because he reread a letter about partition? Over reaction at too flimsy a pretext. The dialogues are amateurish and unrealistic occasionally. The Taoist in the end, which opened up immense possibilities of drama and intrigue, ends in a thundering whimper.

On the good side, the river talks! Mr Ghosh has always been fantastic with water and once again, the visuals make you fall in love with Bengal countryside afresh. All very competent performances. All in all, avoidable.

But despite small issues in some areas this movie is a must visit for all Bengalis in either side of the Boarder. Some where underline of Bengali pain is portrayed in celluloid.


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