Annual Interior and Fashion Exhibition at INIFD Lindsay Street Campus

(L) Gargi Roychowdhury, Susan Mantosh and Gaurab Chakraborty (R)
(L) Gargi Roychowdhury, Susan Mantosh and Gaurab Chakraborty (R)

Interior Designing is a promising career if right team of faculty,infrastructure and opportunity given at the time of training and INIFD is trying to excel on the same. Concept and implementation of the different thoughts of expression with utmost care has been displayed at the Exhibition of INIFD Lindsey Street at Kolkata.

Students of INIFD Lindsay Street Campus organized their annual interior and fashion exhibition from Thursday August 3 to Saturday August 4, 10.30am to 4pm. The annual show was inaugurated by Tollywood celebrities Ms Gargi Roychowdhury, Mr Gaurab Chakraborty and Owner/Director Mr John Mantosh amidst much cheer from the talented students.

The theme for the interior designing students was Kindergarten as a tribute to the first stage of human life when children start learning about the world around them. Under the name “Kidd Buzz”, there were four sections of kindergarten – dramatic area with graphic art on walls and a castle for storyteller, honeycomb area, literacy and math section and block and art section.

This was followed by “Kalavithi” – the land of imagination and creativity. In the section, the students displayed their handmade creations that included attractive paintings, modern art and miniatures made from newspaper, broken glass, plastic bottles, wood etc.

Tollywood Actress Gargi Roychowdhury was all praises for the Annual Exhibition at INIFD. “This exhibition brings back memories  of my school days, the excitement in the eyes of students, the creativity in their products and the warmth cannot be expressed in words. My best wishes to all the students.”

Actor Gaurav Chakraborty said, “The Annual Exhibition is so wonderfully done, the lovely textures that are used, the kind of potential the students exhibit is just amazing and I hope they achieve success by leaps and bounds.”

“We are very proud of our students. They are exceptionally talented and like every year this batch too will achieve great heights in the future.,” said Mr John Mantosh.

The students of fashion designing worked on the theme of “Exploring our Roots” that went back to understanding the native cultures and indigenous tribes. With globalization spreading its tentacles far and wide, every individual is becoming only an echo of each other leading to Acute Cultural Confidence Deficiency leading to frustration and confusion about one’s own identity.

The students intended to redefine civilization through a bonding of the urban and the jungle culture and show that civilization demands not only a progression towards a better identity but also to hold the beauty of one’s own. Some of the tribal societies that inspired the students include Ladakhi (J & K), Samburu(Kenya), Kazakh(Mongolia), Singpo(Assam), Huli(Papua New Guinea), Mustang(Nepal), Tibetans(China), Goroka (Papua New Guinea), Rabari (Gujarat) and Gauchos (Argentina).

Gargi Roychowdhury and Gaurab Chakraborty at INIFD Annual Interior and Fashion Exhibition
Gargi Roychowdhury and Gaurab Chakraborty at INIFD Annual Interior and Fashion Exhibition

INIFD Lindsay street campus students are power houses of talent and enthusiasm, the students here are excited about their annual exhibition. The textile students, Rownia and Dipika said, “Each of the genre of fashion designing has its own inspiration, lengthy process and a lovely process.”

The interior designing students had the kindergarten themed set up for their exhibition. Sneha Tindal, interior designing student said,“The experience was excellent, throughout the exhibition we learnt team work, focused work patterns and proper practical exposure.”

The exhibition had budding talents from both fashion and interior designing sections, exhibiting their designed products. The students are all set to fly high and achieve their dreams.