Israel The Land of Creation,The Land of Faith and possibilities – Role of Tourism in building relationships between India & Israel

ISREAL Tourism Road Show at Kolkata 2
ISREAL Tourism Road Show at Kolkata 2
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Israel: Land of Creation – Role of Tourism in building relationships between India & Israel

Israel may be a small country but full of possibility of many faces. Despite of peoples misunderstanding about unrest with Palestine the country is mostly safe to travel acording to Tourism department.

Tourism in Israel is one of Israel’s major sources of income, with a record 3.54 million tourist arrivals in 2013.Israel offers a plethora of historical and religious sites, beach resorts, archaeological tourism, heritage tourism and ecotourism. Israel has the highest number of museums per capita in the world. In 2009, the two most visited sites were the Western Wall and the grave of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai;the most popular paid tourist attraction is Masada.

The most visited city is Jerusalem and the most visited site was the Western Wall. The largest percentage of tourists come from the United States accounting for 18% of all tourists, followed by Russia, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, Canada, the Netherlands, and Spain.

Witnessing the growth and potential from India, Israel Ministry of Tourism has taken a step forward in consolidating their presence in the Indian market. The interaction will highlight the Future Plans in India and Upcoming Developments and how tourism has contributed in building relations between both the nations with regular growth in the sector. 

In 2017-18 Ministry of Tourism focuses on the contribution of tourism to Israel’s economy with enhancing the tourist experience, develop public tourism infrastructures, develop new tourist products and packages, improve product quality, increase accessibility of tourist information, and reduce vacationing price with new target audiences and new products.

Mr. Hassan Madah, Director, India,Israel Ministry of Tourism was present briefed the media about Israel and why it is a unique tourism destination, with something to offer for everyone.

Interest in visiting Israel is higher than ever before, as more and more travelers realize that Israel is affordable, accessible and safe. Israel Ministry of Tourism expects a big boost in the footfall this year and aims to welcome a large number of Indian tourists, to discover the beautiful destination in 2017.

Israel is growing as a destination ‘Land of Creation’. Israel is trying to get 1 Lac visitor by 2018 from India.

1 Most-visited cities1 Most-visited cities

1.1 Jerusalem

1.2 Tel Aviv

1.3 Safed

1.4 Akko

1.5 Haifa

1.6 Tiberias

1.7 Nazareth

1.8 Beersheba

1.9 Eilat

1.10 Ashkelon

2 Landmarks outside cities

2.1 Masada

2.2 Caesarea

2.3 Beit She’an

2.4 Beit She’arim

2.5 Biblical Tells

2.6 Nahal Me’arot prehistoric caves

2.7 Negev Incense Route

2.8 Ancient Synagogues

2.9 Avshalom Cave

2.10 Mount Karkom

2.11 Tel Ashkelon

2.12 Beit Guvrin

2.13 Crusader fortresses

2.14 Sea of Galilee

2.15 Arbel

2.16 Rosh Hanikra

2.17 Makhteshim of the Negev desert

2.18 Tzippori

2.19 Timna

2.20 Nimrod Fortress

2.21 Hula Valley

2.22 Tel Dan

2.23 Ein Gedi

2.24 Keshet Cave

2.25 Nahal Ayun

2.26 Ein Avdat

3 Bird watching

4 National parks and nature reserves

5 Hiking trails6 Kibbutzim

7 Museums

8 Restaurant culture

9 Wineries

10 Hot springs

11 West Bank tourism

12 Golan Heights tourism

13 Seas and lakes

13.1 Dive tourism

14 Medical tourism

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