Kolkata Rides inside the next best thing after mother’s womb – Mercedes Benz Luxe Drive 2018 an experience for life

Mercedes - Benz Customer Engagement Initiative ,Luxe Drive 2017
Mercedes - Benz Customer Engagement Initiative ,Luxe Drive 2017

When you grow up with the ladder of social status and reaches the zenith of your professional excellence you need some object of desire to give you the satisfaction for your soul and you are not going to settle for any thing less than the best. A class apart possession to satisfy your alter ego yet humble and composed in charterer few such elegant object of desire has global appeal like driving the dream machine called Mercedes Benz.

Kolkata being the Cultural capital of India has a unique capability to endorse an item to be called object of desire and Kolkata has endoresed the New Mercedes Collection with the show called Mercedes Benz Luxe Drive 2018 along with MTV Live show.

When Super Star of Foodies World Chef Ranveer Brar is ready to cook for you the latest dish Live to sock your taste buds with ultimate satisfaction you are all set to feel Royal.  

This event will continue for 24-25 March 2018 at Aquatica Water Park Rajarhaat till 22 Hours.

A man and machine at par excellence can be experienced live; A Life without a “Mec has made no Mark” for many who believe in quality luxury hand in hand.