Mohit Arora is building new possibilities to overcome odds in Real Estate

Real Estate king
Real Estate king

Mohit Arora is building new possibilities to overcome odds in Real Estate
Supertech Limited is not just a name in India it’s a Brand which has done more than a thousand of projects till now in a Real estate from past three decades and too successfully under Mr.
R. K. Arora. Mr. Arora has covered every place from north to south of India in Real estate and given super projects with new technologies.

Mr R.K.Arora’s dreams are getting wings as his talented son Mohit Arora has joined his hands and following to his footsteps and taking Supertech Limited to an all-time high with big projects.

Mohit Arora is currently M.D in Supertech Limited company. Many say when you are born with a silver spoon, you need not have to worry about anything, but it’s not true. Mohit feels it adds extra responsibility to prove yourself and make some better improvements to take the business forward. After all, people know your work, not name. So He never takes things lightly in life. 

Mohit Arora is techno-friendly person, and he knows how to take Real estate business forward even in a slowdown, he has proved that in the decade after his joining in real estate business Supertech growth has doubled. Which clearly shows his talent and working capability and vision to bring new things. He has managed things beautifully, even slowdown in real estate has not stopped him, and his company grow.

Mohit loves to meet people, meetings and explore different places which have helped him a lot to grow in the Real estate business. He feels meeting different people gives him ideas and energy to do something out of the box things. He also loves to bring technology in real estate business as he believes now all the real estate companies have to focus on technology and bring techno-friendly projects to attract consumers in all small and big projects.

Other than business, he is a fitness freak, and he has made lots of changes in his life, he is in the best shape, full of energy and ready to take new challenges in life. Mohit loves to travel different places to become free himself from work, he feels its necessary to take a break after a certain period it helps you refresh in your life, and it gives you boost and new ideas for your work.

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