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Swastika in Hindu, and other Religion

Gems of YouTube – Swastika a wonderful concept explained by Project Shivoham

Project Shivoham made a wonderful effort to tell you the true story of Swastika. The Secrets about Swastika are incredible. Here we present to you the untold history of Swastika, backed with deep research &...
Dasa Mahavidya

Gems of YouTube – The 10 Forms of Kaali – MAHAVIDYA by Project SHIVOHAM

Gems of YouTube - The 10 Forms of Kaali - MAHAVIDYA by Project SHIVOHAM A very informative video by Project SHIVOHAM to explain the ten different forms of Maa Kaali the Dasa MAHAVIDYA https://youtu.be/jsQrK46NSm8
Hindu Number Systems by Project Shivoham

The History of Hindu Numerals by Project SHIVOHAM

The History of Hindu Numerals || A film on the heritage of Hindu Numerals || Project SHIVOHAM A detailed documentary on the complete story about how Hindu Numerals evolved and got transmitted around the World...
Shiva the Natraj

Gems of YouTube – The 5 Shiva Lingas of Pancha Bhoota Sthalam by Project...

A lingam (Sanskrit: लिङ्ग IAST: liṅga, lit. "sign, symbol or mark"), sometimes referred to as linga or Shiva linga, is an abstract or aniconic representation of the Hindu god Shiva in Shaivism. The original...
Swastika in Hindu, and other Religion

What is SWASTHIKA means to the World – Project Shivoham Explains

What's is the meaning of Swasthika? Where did it originate from? Is it that many civilizations used Swasthika as part of thier culture? Answers to all these questions. The Swastika is a sacred symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It...
Indian Army

Gems Of YouTube – The Vedic Heritage of Param Vir Chakra

Project Shivoham is almost a treasure house for knowledge on Indian Culture and rituals. This time they bought a great information related to Param Vir Chakra Award. Param Vir Chakra has a deep heritage...
Atomic Minerals

Gems of YouTube – How Atomic Theory was conceptualized in Ancient India ~2600 years...

A film on how Atomic Theory was conceptualized as part of Vaiseshika Philosophy in Ancient India ~2600 years ago. Vaiseshika Sutras are the World's oldest written records on Atomic Theory, much before the Greeks...
Geometry - Project SHIVOM

Geometry invented in India much ahead of Western world – Project SHIVOHAM explains how...

India not only a land of opportunity but also a treasure Trobe of knowledge. Geometry invented in India much ahead of Western world. Project SHIVOHAM explains how it was in ancient India. What Wikipedia says...
Sage Panini India Postage Stamp

Gems of YouTube – Artificial Intelligence, Genetics, and Connection with India’s Sanskrit Language

A wonderful content from YouTube Channel Project SHIVOHAM is a micro documentary channel about the distant, forgotten and most importantly glorious past of India. Our intention is to contribute to preserving the heritage of...

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