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World Calendar

Saudi Arabia shifting their official Calendar from Hijri Calender to Gregiroan Calender,11 days more...

Arabic world is changing slowly but surely to adopt the global stand point for business and doing transaction with international community. One such effort would be changing the calendar from the traditional Moon based...
Sushma Swaraj - External Affairs Minister

Indian Workers in Saudi Arabia are requested to return, GOI will support their free...

External Affairs Minster Smt Sushma Swaraj requested all workers who are in trouble and not getting Salary to return back to India. She told the people at distress in Saudi Arabia of Indian Origin to...
Medina Blast - Prophet Mosque

“PAK” hand in Medina Blast – Suicide Bomber was a Pakistani Driver

One of the shocking blast in Saudi Arab where peoples are shaken by core as it was near Prophet Mosque one of the most holiest place for Islamic faith, had a hands of Pakistani...
Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

World under siege, Terror Continues – Now near US consulate Jeddah in Saudi Arabia...

  World is under panic disorder as terror continues to dominate world over; Istanbul to Jeddah. Suicide bombing in a hospital parking lot in Jeddah, #Saudi near the old U.S consulate. Bomber dead ,2 injured. No...

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