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Raimatang - A Nature's Wonderland in Dooars

Raimatang – A Nature’s Wonderland in Dooars

Raimatang is a small river in Western Buxa area in the Dooars area of West Bengal. There is a small village inside the forest known as Raimatang village. The village has gained prominence in...
Broadband Connection

PM Modi Government Transforming India – 50K Plus Village under Broadband Connection

Once "Roti Kapra Makan" was the demand for the people in villages of India. Very basic amenities they used to get. "Bijli, Sadak & Pani" was common election slogan even 10years back. But now atleast...
Shri Piyush Goyal

Piyush Goyel Electrifying Rural India 105 more added to the list- PM Modi’s Dream...

PM Modi's dream project to have every Indian Village under the electricity taking shape. This week 2-8th May 2016, 105 more village illuminated with electric supply a very basic sign of development and a popular...
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