IOT and Unified Communication Business Solutions


Consumers around the world are having an unprecedented exposure to the Internet of Things (IOT)

where everything ranging from mobile devices to appliances is connected via the internet. Mobility solution has come a long way and brought about a sea of change. This change is disrupting businesses across the length and breadth of the spectrum and changing the basic way of doing business.

This change is also reflected in the behaviour of consumers / customers in India who are demanding that all service industries such as Telecom, BFSI, Airlines,   etc. should provide digital Face-to-Face (F2F)customer services via unified communication channels along with ease of use. Another factor which is pushing the envelope is the extreme competition as well as entry of new players in the Indian Telecom sector. All of them are relying heavily on mobile based platforms to reach out and acquire customers quickly.

This demand is giving rise to start –ups around the world to deliver unified communication based business solutions and obviously BFSI segment is quick to adapt to it. IndusInd Bank (India), Barclay Bank and bank of America were the flag bearers and many more have followed the suit. In the Financial Service sector, Reliance Mutual Fund have flag bearer in India to adopt unified communication based digital Face to Face Video blended business solution. Adoption of such technological solutions is predicted to grow at very fast pace across the globe.