Popular Car’s of India Fails Crash Test miserably, Failed to get a single star – Dear Automakers of India Our Life is also valuable like others please stop playing with it!!

Global NCAP
Global NCAP

Dream for any one in India “Ek Car Ho Apna” means a car for me. But this is a very crucial decision when it comes to safety to drive a Car.

Government of India doing a lot for decrease “Drink and Drive” offenders and growing awareness for social changes.

But drink or not drink are you safe in side a popular Indian car. A big no hardly any popular base car or even some SUVs of popular brands failed the Crash Test under test labs.

When we asked our Chief Editor an ACE driver himself, said:

“Dear Automakers of India Our Life is also valuable like others please stop playing with it!!”

Crash Test is a test conducted by Global NCAP to evaluate the quality and safety of cars globally.

The latest Indian crash test results from Global NCAP released today (17) in Delhi disaster with all five models rated as zero star!!!

Global NCAP Table

The Renault Kwid, Maruti Suzuki Celerio, Maruti Suzuki Eeco, Mahindra Scorpio and Hyundai Eon all showed low levels of adult occupant protection.


The Renault Kwid was tested in three versions, including one with airbags, but each was rated as zero star for adult safety.

Commenting on the latest crash test results, David Ward, Secretary General of Global NCAP said,


“The latest SaferCarsforIndia results show how important it is for cars to have a body shell that can remain stable in a crash. This is an absolutely crucial pre-requisite for occupant safety together with fitment at least of front air bags. It is very surprising that a manufacturer like Renault introduced the Kwid initially lacking this essential feature. Global NCAP strongly believes that no manufacturer anywhere in the world should be developing new models that are so clearly sub-standard. Car makers must ensure that their new models pass the UN’s minimum crash test regulations, and support use of an airbag.

“We welcome Renault’s efforts to correct this and we look forward to testing another improved version with airbags. Renault has a strong record of achievement in safety in Europe and it should offer the same commitment to its customers in India.”


Speaking during the Indian Automobile Safety Conference hosted by IRTE in Faridabad, Ward continued,

“The results highlight the importance of the Indian Government’s decision to mandate front and side impact crash tests from October 2017.


Legislative action is needed to ensure that the minimum levels of occupant protection recommended by the United Nations are guaranteed for Indian consumers. But manufacturers don’t have to wait for legislation and we urge them to act to eliminate all zero star cars from production as soon as possible.


“Global NCAP also welcomes the forthcoming launch of a Bharat New Car Assessment Programme which can help build a market for safer cars in India.”


So before you purchase a car refer to the safety rating and it is now must for any Indian Consumer to make themselves knowledgeable before any purchase.

We request all Auto makers of India please do not by pass safety for Indians our life is also valuable like any one else in the world. We expect same quality standard which meets the Global standard and we are not going to compromise.

Raise your voice at all level in the society to implement safety for better Indian Cars with Global standard and quality. We are ready to pay the money but not with the life of our near and dear one.

Image Source ; www.globalncap.org