E-Rickshaws – Narain and Humrahi, Concept Electric Three-Wheeler And Oma Star Li – Launched By Lohia Auto At Evexpo East

Ayush Lohia of Lohia Auto Industries, at EVEXPO EAST.
Ayush Lohia of Lohia Auto Industries, at EVEXPO EAST.


Electric power is the way to go when it comes to automobiles be it for commercial or private usage.And time is certainly ripe to make a move in that direction, so much so that it prompted Lohia Auto Industries, the manufacturers of Humsafar diesel autos to venture into electric autorickshaw variants with Narain & Humrahi which they disclosed at the ongoing EVEXPO EAST.

Simultaneously they also announced India’s first lithium ion battery operated electric two-wheeler, Oma Star Li and showcased India’s first concept electric three-wheeler in the country’s largest e-vehicle event in Kolkata.But before you mutter ‘China’ under your breath, be known that all the vehicles are autochothonously manufactured in their Kashipur, Uttrakhand unit.

E-Rickshaw on display
E-Rickshaw on display

They are eyeing the burgeoning auto market of Kolkata and if they succeed the auto journey is not only going to be environment-friendly but safe as well. Needless to say the vehicle is designed with Indian road conditions in mind, not to say of the climate, riding styles and commuting habits.

Costing between 1.10 t0 1.20 Lacs, it comes with broader tyres, 2-years gurantee, metal-body for heavy-duty usage and are RTO registered. It can chalk upa top speed of 30Km/hr and can run for upto 3 kms after a 10-hr recharge.

The usual financing schemes will apply. “We are in talks with Bandhan bank, Grameen banks to come as our finance partner”, mentioned Ayush. He further added, “Currently we are targeting 20 t0 25 dealers all over West Bengal with an aim to sell 500 vehicles per month”.

If that be so then WB will be a lucrative market because they are now selling 800 vehicles per month in 12 cities spread over 7 states. And if that happens they may set up a manufacturing unit here.

“For that we need to have sales of 2000 vehicles per month”, confirmed Ayush.

Oma Star Li equipped with advanced lithium ion batteries and having a capacity to run at a speed of 25kmpl was the another star attraction. “It comes with ergonomic seats and alloy wheels for enhanced riding comfort and more stability.

Powered with telescopic suspension and refreshed headlamp, Oma Star will be available in four attractive colours such as Fiery Red, Macho Black, Spirited Gray & White.”, explained Ayush.

Lohia Auto, pioneers in electric vehicles segment, also showcased India’s first Electric Three Wheeler which is equipped with 5.7 KW motor and has the capacity to seat 3 passengers.