USA wants a President Like Modi – CISCO’S EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN, JOHN CHAMBERS wants Modi like US President

John T. Chambers, Chairman Executive, Cisco, USA

No matter you love him or hate him you can not ignore him NaMo yes the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi.

How big Modi impact on the world and through his world tour now people can understand.

The most powerful person of the world is still the US President post some may argue with Putin or some one else but fact is fact; USA still the most powerful nation and so as the President of USA.

Now the industry leaders of USA is asking one person like PM Modi should be there President!!!

Yes and that’s “MAKE IN INDIA” biggest Advertisement in the world.

Cisco’s Executive Chairman, John Chambers: “Next US President must be like India’s PM Narendra Modi”-

The benchmarks in US Presidency is now set by an Indian Prime Minister. This is not just #AchcheDin but #HistoricDin.

Let’s enjoy this moment which rarely comes to Indian context for World issues; Wish we appreciate, respect our PM a little more & see the work he’s doing, instead of compulsively just oppose him for the sake of it. We must oppose his acts if that is not fulfilling the development and growth of the country but Let India reach glory and touch the pinnacle.

We must stand by any leader who really wants to develop India with out looking at his color.


How our confident neighbor Pakistan is looking at him is truly a indicator for Modi is on the Job.

If your arch rival is looking at you as a man who got the world in his pocket by honest and diplomatic quality then you have nothing to complain about his efforts.