After Historic Success of Praktan – Prosenjit Chatterjee The Ultimate Man in Tollywood growing like Himalaya of Bengali Cinema

Praktan 2016 Bengali Movie - Prosenjit Rituporna
Praktan 2016 Bengali Movie - Prosenjit Rituporna

We predicted ‘Praktan’ will break every record internationally and at Home as well. 4.5 Cr business before third week!!! With the super success of his recent movies and TV acts; he has proved that Star kids are not always under shadow of their parents but some times they can enlighten their parents too.

Bumba Da thats what Fan used to call him in love. Three decade crossed and list of his films are still growing.

Prosenjit is himself is a brand and no other tag is required to sale a Bengali movie any where in the world.

His new Venkatesh venture will surely make many new records meet Nirbed Lahiri. An Author with an unrepentant heart. Trailer coming soon.