Again Terror Strikes Texas, America – now Walmart Store under gunman at Texas

Amarillo Texas Police - USA
Amarillo Texas Police - USA

It was reported by media that once again a gunman had taken hostage of poor fate people at a Walmart store at Texas and condition was tensed. But lucky that Police was able to shoot down the gunman. Identity yet to be found.

This is 4th attack in 3 days and could be a part of bigger plan by terror group(s). World must wake up to the call and find a solution to this problems.


The Amarillo Police Department released a quick statement noting that hostages inside the store are safe and an high profile investigation is underway. No more details were immediately provided on this, but police urged residents to avoid the area.

America the most powerful country in the world yet so fragile under gunman attack that any one can walk down with a gun and kill any poor person trapped under the condition.

Orlando then LA and NY now at Texas is this what strongest nation to witness day after day.

Surely some thing somewhere is wrong with the people and policy of America. You can be safe from ICBM attack but fall short with your own people with a gun.