Faring Capital Saves Landmark Factory Building Within Redesigned Robertson Lane Project

Faring Capital Robertson Lane - photo
The Factory building and view down Robertson Lane (PRNewsFoto/Faring Capital)

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Aug. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Faring Capital announced plans to retain, restore, and preserve the landmark Factory building and former Studio One nightclub within a new mixed-use project named Robertson Lane, located between Robertson Boulevard and La Peer Drive near the City’s western border.

Over the past two years, Faring has listened closely to the community, local preservation groups, the Los Angeles Conservancy, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. After extensive input, Faring has taken the demolition of the Factory off the table and worked with preservation experts to restore the Factory and incorporate it into a newly redesigned Robertson Lane.

In collaboration with both local and national preservation groups, Faring plans to relocate the Factory building to the street front along Robertson Boulevard.  This will involve both repositioning an approximately 140-foot long, two-story portion of the Factory so that it runs north-south along Robertson, and the historic restoration of the building so that it reflects the building’s heyday as the Mitchell Camera Factory and Studio One. The repositioned Factory building will become the centerpiece of the forthcoming Robertson Lane project, which includes a hotel and a pedestrian-oriented dining and retail experience.

The Robertson Lane proposal features restoration of the Factory’s façade, replacement of non-historic windows with salvaged original windows, reuse of embossed steel cladding and removal of non-historic elements from the building. Faring will also commission an oral history project and installations celebrating Studio One and the Factory’s significance to the greater Los Angeles LGBTQ community.

“The redesigned proposal for Robertson Lane incorporating the Factory is the result of continued efforts between preservationists and Faring Capital and should be a template for future cooperation as a win-win for all involved,” saidRoy Rogers Oldenkamp, President of the West Hollywood Preservation Alliance and Hollywood Historian.

“We appreciate Faring’s willingness to work closely with us over the past year and listen to the concerns of the preservation community,” said Linda Dishman, President and CEO of the LA Conservancy. “They have made meaningful changes by removing full demolition from their proposed project and we look forward to the details.”

“Robertson Lane and the Factory’s preservation is a perfect example of community collaboration and environmental guidelines working exactly as they should – enabling responsible development to move forward. We now have a project that both celebrates our community’s history and gives these important structures new life,” said Faring CEO Jason Illoulian.