Pope Francis Prays for Shimon Peres’ Full Recovery

Friends of Zion Museum
Former Israeli President Shimon Peres, International Chairman of the Friends of Zion (FOZ) Museum in Jerusalem, activating a historical figure on the largest interactive mural in Israel, located at the museum, honoring non-Jews who support Israel and the Zionist vision.

Pope Francis Prays for Shimon Peres’ Full Recovery

The Pontiff is among the many formidable figures from political, religious and cultural circles around the world who have expressed their wishes for Shimon Peres’ good health.

JERUSALEM, Sept. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — While the condition of Shimon Peres, Former President of Israel and Nobel Peace Prize laureate remained “grave but stable” on Tuesday, a week after suffering a major stroke, Pope Francis was among the many from around the world sending prayers and heartfelt wishes for his speedy recovery. Pope Francis wrote a personal letter to Mr. Peres this week saying he had “prayed for strength for the family and for a full recovery.”

“The Pope held a special prayer for Peres along with Rabbi Abraham Skorkaof Argentina. They prayed together and asked to convey their warm well-wishes and prayers for a speedy and full recovery.” said Peres’ office.

Shimon Peres, who is the International Chairman of the Friends of Zion (FOZ) Museum in Jerusalem, was accompanied by the museum’s founder, Dr. Mike Evans, on his June visit to Pope Francis at the Vatican.

Dr. Evans remarked, “I join Pope Francis’ call to prayer for the health of our friend Shimon Peres.”

Formidable figures from around the world have also expressed their wishes forShimon Peres’ good health, including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Russian President Vladimir Putin, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and celebrity Barbra Streisand.

US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump also wrote to wish Peres a “swift recovery”.

“You are among the last of a generation of leaders who fought for the right of the Jewish people to shape their own destiny and your legacy stands tall,” Trump wrote to Peres, according to a statement from Peres’ office.

During his last visit to the Pope at the Vatican, President Peres briefly discussed, among other topics, the prevention of hate-related crimes committed by terrorists in the name of religion. The two vowed to continue their collaboration to end bloodshed and promote peace, in particular withinIsrael and Palestine.

Pope Francis hugged Mr. Peres before saying goodbye and wishing him well, according to reports.

In September 2014, Mr. Peres met with Pope Francis at the Vatican for a “long meeting” by papal standards, of 45 minutes to discuss world peace – a priority shared by the two respected leaders.

In May of the same year, The Pope met Shimon Peres during his first visit to the Holy Land. At that time, President Peres thanked the pontiff for his unrelenting stance against anti-Semitism. While in Israel, Pope Francis invited President Shimon Peres and President Mahmoud Abbas to “join me in heartfelt prayer to God for the gift of peace.” That prayer visit took place at the Pope’s Vatican home two weeks later.

The Friends of Zion (FOZ) Museum opened in Jerusalem one year ago with the vision of serving as a bridge, enabling people from around the world to join the scores of people throughout history who have supported the people, the promise and the State of Israel.