Hindus of Bangladesh under attack,15 temple destroyed and hundreds of minority houses looted, All in the name of Islam?

Kaal Bhairav Temple - Brahmanbarhia Bangladesh
Kaal Bhairav Temple - Brahmanbarhia Bangladesh

15 temples in Bangladesh vandalized, houses of Hindus looted

The headline itself is very much cause of worry for anyone with human heart and from any religion. Islam once again under scanner for the act of goons. Every one will condemn such act and will say sorry so as true Islamic faith peoples as well.

I myself have spent nearly four years in Bangladesh and has all sorts of experience in terms of religion and tolerance. My personal experience is otherwise and people in general are very friendly with respect for each other. Exceptions are always there and that can be found any where in the world, Bangladesh is not a specific place for such cruel acts.

This is a big picture master plan by desperate groups who are worried with Indo, Bangla , Afghan & China close ties. To keep the terror alive they are trying to dismantle all peace loving people of that country. Prime Minister Mrs. Hasiana and her able cabinet has already taken the steps to stop further atrocities.

Please do not put Bangladesh and Bangladeshi’s in the wrong brackets, general people of Bangladesh is one of the most peace loving people. Some goons are trying to create negetive pressure on Indo Bangla relationship.

News as published in leading daily of India The Hindu online version goes like this.

At least 15 Hindu temples in Bangladesh have been vandalised over allegations of disrespect shown to Islam on Facebook, triggering panic among the minority community in the Muslim-majority nation.

Temples in Brahmanbarhia district’s Nasirnagar were vandalised on Sunday; besides over 100 houses of Hindus in the area have also been looted.

After the mayhem for hours, two temples in adjacent Habiganj’s Madhabpur also came under attack, police and witnesses said.

Six persons were arrested for their alleged involvement in the attack.

Paramilitary Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) have been deployed in Nasirnagar and Madhabpur Upazila headquarters along with the Rapid Action Battalion, police and Armed Police Battalion, bdnews24.com reported.

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15 Hindu temples in Bangladesh vandalised, houses looted – The Hindu http://www.thehindu.com/news/international/south-asia/article9288320.ece