Santa is Calling – For Every Cook On Your Holiday Shopping List

Meatloaf Outside the Pan Santa
This Santa is one example of how creative meatloaf can liven up the dinner table, according to Carol Falkowski, author of "Meatloaf Outside the Pan." (PRNewsFoto/Meatloaf Outside the Pan)

For Every Cook On Your Holiday Shopping List

ST. PAUL, Minn., Nov. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Carol Falkowski’s new cookbook, Meatloaf Outside the Pan, makes dinnertime a ground-breaking adventure in meatloaf. Now it’s about to do the same for holiday gift-giving.

Instead of a sweater, socks or a necktie, surprise your favorite cook with a book that shows them how to transform lackluster, brick-shaped meatloaf into a stunning dinner entree. “Meatloaf remains an immensely popular comfort food,” Falkowski says. “But even though it tastes amazing, it rarely looksamazing.”

Meatloaf Outside the Pan is changing all that. With over 30 color photos, the book helps cooks prepare and serve meatloaf in a whole new way — outside the pan. Readers learn how to make meatloaf into a holiday wreath, a Santa, a clown, whimsical animals, meatloaf-zza and more. These unprecedented meatloaf creations will amaze family and friends. “People don’t believe it’s meatloaf,” Falkowski adds.

“By leaving the loaf pan behind, meatloaf becomes something clever, inventive and fun,” says Falkowski. “Cooks learn how to sculpt meatloaf into interesting shapes and decorate it with colorful sauces and vegetables. This book takes meatloaf to new heights and helps restore it to the place on the family dinner table that it so richly deserves.”

Meatloaf Outside the Pan features Falkowski’s delicious basic meatloaf recipe, but encourages readers to keep using those favorite meatloaf recipes of their own.  The book even has a spot for writing in your own favorite meatloaf recipe. And once the raw meat mixture is prepared, Meatloaf Outside the Panshows you over 30 different ways to serve it.

Meatloaf Outside the Pan is a truly unique holiday gift that will quickly earn an honored place among your loved one’s cookbooks.  Every cook who thinks outside the box will appreciate Meatloaf Outside the Pan.

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“Meatloaf Outside the Pan” author Carol Falkowski is a broadcast and print media veteran who always gives lively, entertaining interviews. Watch her talk in the kitchen on the CBS affiliate station and the NBC affiliate station in Minneapolis.