App named ‘SEZ India’ launched by Commerce Ministry – mobile app for Special Economic Zones

Nirmala Sitharaman
Nirmala Sitharaman

App named ‘SEZ India’ launched by Commerce Ministry

A Mobile app named “SEZ India” has been launched by the Commerce Secretary on 06.1.2017.  SEZ Division, Department of Commerce under its broader e-Governance initiative i.e. SEZ Online System, has developed mobile app for Special Economic Zones (SEZs). Commerce Secretary launched the app and mentioned that the App would help the SEZ Units and Developers to find information easily and track their transactions on SEZ Online System. Now the SEZ Developers & Units can file all their transactions digitally through SEZ Online system and track the status on the go through the SEZ India mobile app.

The app is available on Android Platform for use by SEZ Developers, Units, officials and others. The app has four sections i.e. SEZ Information, SEZ Online Transaction, Trade Information, and Contact details. Salient Features of thefour sections are as under:-

  1. SEZ INFORMATION: This is a compendium of the SEZ Act, 2005, SEZ Rules, 2006, MOCI Circulars, details of SEZs and Units etc. It gives up to date comprehensive details on all the above aspects.

2.TRADE INFORMATION: This provision gives access to important information / tools such as Foreign Trade Policy, Hand Book of procedure , Duty Calculator , Customs & Excise Notification and MEIS Rates.

3.CONTACT DETAILS: We see that the contact details of all Development Commissioners Office, DGFT, DG System, DGCI & S and SEZ online.

  1. SEZ online Transaction This is a dynamic submenu that tracks the Bill of Entry / Shipping Bill processing status and also does verification. The app also helps the Importers / Exporters to track the status of ‘Bill of Entry / Shipping Bill” integration and processing in the EDI system of the ICEGATE.

SEZ India App
SEZ India App

About the App:

SEZ India Mobile App is a compact information package to view important information / updates and status of transactions relating to Special Economic Zones in India. The App is available to all SEZ Units, Developers, Co-Developers and public at large. The App collates information from various sources relating to applicable regulatory and policy provisions and makes it available to the users. The App also provides status and details of the Import / Export transactions filed by SEZ Units, Developers, Co-Developers and status of integration of such transactions with the Import / Export declarations filed at the Port. The App also collates and provides contact information of important authorities involved in regulatory and trade approvals. The App also provides directory of DC Offices / SEZs and SEZ Units.

The App is developed and managed by NDML as per suggestions and guidance of SEZ Division, Department of Commerce.