Kolkata is to witness the AHSI’s 190th Annual Flower Show 2017 – HORTICULTURAL EXTRAVAGANZA

Flower Show- Horticulture Extravaganza
Flower Show- Horticulture Extravaganza

Kolkata is to witness the AHSI’s 190th Annual Flower Show 2017



9th February, 2017:


The diversity of horticulture is captured in hundreds of Seasonal flowers, perennial flowers, fruits and vegetables, medicinal plants, wide range of foliage plants, cacti and succulents, Bonsai etc. grown in pots. That is not all, cut flowers uprooted vegetables, feature garden. It is no longer restricted to the state of West Bengal; some of the North Eastern States also participate with their exotic cut flowers and outstanding horticultural products.  Floral artists and photographer’s excellence have added flavour to this popular Kolkata event. Visitors are assured that in spite of such wide diversity they should not miss the magnificence of plethora of flowers led by dahlias, roses and many winter annuals like Acrolinum, Arctotis, Gazania, Rudbeckia. Cyclamen, Molucella, Mimulus etc.


There are as many as 191 Sections and 39 Sub-sections in the schedule. Besides Unique pot culture in display there are three Floral arts of different styles, Japanies Style known as “Ikabena”, Indian floral Art with different depictions, cut flowers in HP conference hall, foreign flowers, exhibition of nature photography, a pavilion of Orchids. It is not only the oldest show in India but also one of the bigger and better ones in the world even today what makes the Annual Flower Show of the Society so unique.


The Agri-Horticultural Society possesses a traditional garden laid out on a plot over 21 acres in the year 1870 A.D., having a wealth of valuable plants / trees most of which are very old, some of them have crossed a century. The garden is well maintained even today. Some of the notable plants are Elephant Foot Tree whose base stem looks like elephant’s foot, Mad tree whose all leaves are dissimilar either in shape, size, structure, etc; Monodora a beautiful rare plant of West African origin bears highly ornamental orchid like flower and it is very rare in India. Like these plants there are many more uncommon plants which attract all nature lovers. The Society’s own grown annuals in pots and beds are in bloom making the garden beautiful. The garden itself is a spectacle when added with the Annual Flower Show; it becomes a great extravaganza which attracts huge number of visitors for feast of their eyes including photographers, botanists, artists to enrich their professional excellence.


A Certificate from the Society helps growers, breeders, nurserymen etc to earn stamp of their quality / standard. This enables the growers, breeders, nurserymen to enhance their business. The footfall is increasing every year. It has become one of the most popular event of Winter season in Kolkata.





Show Timings:


9th February, 2017 – 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm

10th to 12th February, 2017 – 7.00 am to 7.00 pm


The Inauguration ceremony will be held on 9th February, 2017 at 3.00 pm


Following dignitaries have been invited for this function:


Mr. Bruce Bucknell, Deputy High Commissioner, United Kingdom,  Mr. Ahmed Alam Khan, President, Indian Rose Federation, Mr. Arjun Chakraborty, Eminent Film Actor Guests of Honour and many other Guests.


Prize distribution will be held on 12th February, 2017 at 4.00 pm


Following dignitaries have been invited to grace the said occasion:


The Annual Flower Show consists of more than 3 different classes and nearly 220 sections covering palms, ferns, ornamental plants, cacti, succulents, vegetables, fruits, herbal plants, roses, gladioli, bonsai etc. It is arguably the largest flower show of the country even today.




The Agri-Horticultural Society of India was founded in 1820 by Rev. Dr. William Carey, with the objective of developing and promoting agriculture & horticulture in India. Its first Agriculture & Horticulture exhibition was held as early as 1828 and the Society meanwhile catered to the needs of the agri-horticultural activities of the country and acted as the de facto Agricultural Ministry of the Government of India, till 1900. First ever agricultural journal in the country was published in 1837 by the Society.


The AHSI has a unique history of achievements. It has played a pioneering role in the introduction of a wide array of cereals, cash crops, cinchona, many fruits, tea, sugar cane, vegetables, flowering plants and trees and ornamental plants etc.


In the past, Governor General, Viceroys had been the chief patrons of the Society.


It is traditional and informal garden. Although it is of 196 years old vintage, it is impeccably clean and well maintained. It is populated by varieties of rare plants.


The AHSI today captures the passionate love for plant life and takes Indian agri-horticulture to new realms.