My Journey with Jillian Haslam – A Lady with the Lamp, A Divine Soul for Humanity

My Journey with Jillian Haslam - The Book Launch at Oxford Book Store Pic 5
My Journey with Jillian Haslam - The Book Launch at Oxford Book Store Pic 5

Ms. Jillian Haslam an author,Social Worker, Mother Teresa Memorial International Award Winner, A motivational speaker many more to add with her name but above all one small tag might be more appropriate to describe her is a Divine Soul for Humanity.

Many of us faces hardship in his / her life at different stages some adjust with the atrocities and curse the fate some take it as an opportunity to fight back and grow.

Jillian had a very tough childhood and hardly one can imagine how painful it can be. Basic needs of the life were luxury for them even food was not a certain event on day to day basis. She lost many siblings due to malnutrition and disease. She saw how helpless yet most affectionate parent they had. She experienced life in a hardway.

Slams of Kolkata to Top management post in Bank of America was not a easy journey and any one can understand that. But what makes her great is that she have not forgot her past and she is not ashamed of that either to speak openly and author a book on her life as an  autobiography called Indian.English which is now going to be a Hollywood Film in short time.

When Saint Mother Teresa was working around the slams of Kolkata along with her team Jillian and many other Jillian was there to be in the queue for having biscuit and basic foods during the distribution. 

And that kid has grown up to a young lady with kind and passionate her along with her family to support the kids as a philanthropist from UK. That is the transformation of a fighter to a noble heart.

Now when she received the Mother Teresa Memorial International Award for the year 2017 life perhaps came to a full circle and this will be just a milestone in her life as she moves ahead with a mission to serve the poor without any certificate. But honor is honor and when it comes from the Saint Mother’s name it is above any other recognition. The walk towards Mother House along with award and the Kids of under privileged section of the society made it a symbolic journey on to the divine path of Holy Mother and must be a fulfilling moment for Jillian to be inspired for even greater service to the cause.   

In the evening of 5th September 2017 she gave her lecture on six points of life which acts as a barrier against  the development and where the support is needed for the poor child to grow upto his/her potential.

Rotary District 3291 organized the lecture at Outram Club a heritage place and witness of many great event saw another great inspiring thought to be delivered from a Lady who herself has proved life is divine and life is for working as a service to the Lord.

Next day we went to Oxford Book Shop for the release of the Book called Indian.English and the book was inaugurated by noted poet and professor of English Subodh Ghosh. Jillian and all present at the occasion felt the emotion that written in every line of the book even in the lines between the lines.

Jillian promised to the Kalyan Brata Sangha representative Ms.Anita Chakraborty that She will visit their Uluberia Campus and make sure to do some thing for the kids.

I myself can say that she is like a iceberg of humanity less you can see more you can feel on the ground. She talks less and acts more to the cause. God bless her in all her endeavor for serving the people.

The transformation can happen only when you are ready to be transformed from within and you need a role model to follow. Some great minds showed the path like Holy Mother Saint Teresa, Swami Vivekananda and many such great soul has done it previously but I experienced the fragrance of such a beautiful mind in this three days while moving along with the trail of Jilliam Haslam. She transformed from “dear madam” to my “beloved sister”.

She touched our soul with her divine attitude towards life.