‘Aquarium’ a short film by Deep Ghosh


INNOVATIONS presents in association with  KALPADRMA  

‘Aquarium’ a  short film by Deep Ghosh  

Synopsis- Aquarium is the story of a lonely woman who repeatedly falls in love with different women and men.

Feelings in each of her loves are indicative and overwhelming. With each of her loves, there is a deft connection between nature and art. But none of his love is fulfilled at the end of the day. The story of a lonely woman is like a lonely lone fish in an aquarium.

P.S – A) Aquarium is a completely different kind of silent film

B) It is a film based on the visual arts

C) This is an independent film walking against the mainstream

D) Each of the director’s movies have received awards from good places such as 1)Eyeliner 2) Zebra crossing  3)Ethno and various

Aquarium Trailer link – https://youtu.be/3spzzUtFaNA

Aquarium Song link  – https://youtu.be/d8CyF4d4h_s

Cast & Crew details

Protagonist : Sahana basu bhaduri,Sujit kumar Barman,Sangeeta Chhetri,Ankur Biswas,Sujay Shah,

Director Deep Ghosh,Cinematography Shubhajit Roy, Editor Ayusman Goswami,

Singer: Ananya Mukherjee,Background score Shubhodip Roy

Assistant cinematographer Ranajay Ray,colorist. DI Ayusman Goswami

Makeup Ramesh mahato,Production controller Ayan Roy

Publicity design Sritama Roychoudhury, Music & lyrics(song) Rana Douli

Trailer voice over Niti Banerjee

Sound partner The sound studio

Post production Kalpadruma Studios

Marketed by InnovationsThe film is available on ‘My Cinemahall’ app.