“World Interiors Day- 2017” Celebrated at Kolkata By ABID

World Interiors Day 2017 Kolkata 6 - ABID
World Interiors Day 2017 Kolkata 6 - ABID

Inaugural Ceremony Of “World Interiors Day- 2017” with the theme of “Illusion and Ingenuity “by ABID

Kolkata, 15th July 2017: Expression for Art and Emossion is always reflected at inside your soul and manifested through your interior of your doweling.

”World Interior Day- 2017” was celebrated by ABID (Association of Architects, Builders, Interior Decorators & Allied Business)  at a Kolkata Mall near Par Circus 7 points.  For the First Time in India, “World Interior Day “is celebrated with a theme of “Illusion And Ingenuity”. This two day –long celebration will continue till Sunday, 16  July, 2017.

Mr.Kamlesh Agarwal, President, ABID said in his speech, “This year’s event is planned and hosted by ABID and linked by a common theme, “Illusion & ingenuity “ , chosen to reflect the values not only  of ABID but also of  the industry , Architectural  Installations etc.”

This year theme is a unique one:

“Illusion and Ingenuity” are distortion of the senses  revealing how the brain normally organize  and interpret s  sensory stimulation. Ingenuity is often inherent in creative individuals, and It involves the most complex. Ingenuity is often inherent in creative individuals, and thus is considered hard to separate from individual capital.

World Interior Day is an annual event celebrated on spearheaded and designed to spotlight Interior Architecture/Design. The event actively engages professionals, national organizations, design enthusiasts and the general public to explore creativity, imagination, vision and passion in relation to the role of Interiors in society, culture and our future built environments.

With the rapid evolution and general public awareness of design, the Interior Architecture/Design discipline requires a stronger foundation, with a deeper understanding and development of how the built environment affects and shapes humanity.

ABID is the 1st community in India to celebrate this day and the theme of this year is “Illusion and Ingenuity”.

A number of celebrities  like Indrani Datta,  Ringo Banerjee, Rupsa Guha, Sudarshan Chakraborty,  Kunal Sharma ( Bollywood Actor), Pandit  Tarun Bhattarcharya,  Sanchita Bhattarcharya ,  Mehtab Hossain( ISL & East  Bengal senior soccer  player )  & . Ayushman Mitra ( Fashion designer )  and many others joined the  present  on  the occasion. Mr. Anand Gupta, Secretary, ABID l  and other ABID Members also graced the occasion.